Chronic Pain Syndrome Anyone?

Do any of your doctors diagnose you with chronic pain syndrome, rather than Fibromyalgia, or in addition to fibro? It seems I have both. I noticed that my pain management doctor always lists it for the insurance company as “CPS” rather than Fibro.
I read that CPS has a trigger, like arthritis or pain from a surgery that didn’t heal the bone properly. I thought, great - It is like being doubly cursed!

I also have both w/other things going on as well for 20 yrs now. Used to think wow what more do they want to tell me I have to the point of not wanting to go see the doc. For me I’ve learned different ways to cope w/the pain so I still can go through my day. God, exercise, & CBD has helped me a lot, not trying to push my believes on anyone just saying what works for me.

Just take each day as a new day. Start each morning with a deep breath & tell yourself you can do this. It may take 5-20 mins before you can get out of bed but just be grateful that you can. Wishing you the best and praying for health & strength!

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I agree that prayer & medication helps so much. God understands our pain, when not even our own family members can. I’m trying to do better with the exercise - stretching helps a lot! And, remembering to take each day as it comes, and to be grateful if I’m feeling better than the day before.
Thank you for the reply, and God bless you CDFrance26 for your encouragement!


Chronic Pain Syndrome, I swear there is a label for everything today. I deal with 60+ yrs of arthritic pain and a messed up hip replacement surgery and was told I have Fibro back in 1999, if I do who knows, certainly not the docs.

I doctor myself MOSTLY and only drug I take is ibuprofen/tylenol every 6 hrs and a good stomach protector and Mega Supplements for my issues. I’m 82 and thankfully had a LOT of good years before all this messy pain stuff.

Doctors push their drugs and I don’t want them, as they will always cause one to take more and more and more…Take care.

I hear you, jaminhealth.
I’m pretty maxed out on the meds that I can take, and have been told by doctors that the immune suppressant I was on, several years ago (for RA), was a dangerous drug. Bless your heart - sometimes I hate to think about the fact that we have something so painful and that there is no “fix” for it. It is an inspiration that you have found your own way to make it through the day.
I will say that my doctor gives amazing injections. Rather than steroids, often they are nerve blocks, and can give me a little relief with the part of my body that hurts the most - And who knows from day to day, what body part that will be?! LOL
Hang in there, and thank you for your input!

I find that MSM powder 2 times daily helps to CALM pain in my body. I’ve been using it for probably 20 yrs and it’s a daily staple…It’s so much management as can’t make this 82 yr old young again. And erase all the years of wear and tear.

You can also do a search: “Alternatives to Calm Pain in the body”… do some searching.

I will definitely look into that. Thank you so much!

You know what? Since I’m allergic to Sulfa drugs, I can’t take MSM powder. But I will definitely do the google search you suggested. Thank you!

I believe there is a misconception on Sulfa and Sulfur…Sulfites, Sulfates, Many foods we consume contain sulfur and are essential in our lives.

Read this info:

Very interesting info. I may continue to research this. Anything to alleviate the pain is well worth looking into. Many thanks! :blush:

I’ve been diagnosed with both along with anemia. They cannot figure out why I am so fatigued all the time since my iron levels are perfect. But then my doctor took blood work and found I had the Epstein Barr Virus on top of everything else. I certainly understand fatigue and feel bad for those who get told they are lazy or there is nothing wrong with them. So far from the truth!!

Oh my - you have mono, on top of everything else? You are going to need to really rest up and let your body fight that off.
I agree that fatigue is a terrible thing to have. Wishing you better days ahead!

Thank you for your post. I’ve had the virus for quite some time and of all people to test me, it was my Psychiatrist. She said to me one day that I looked overly tired and she wanted to run some tests. I’ve been on medication for it going on 2 years with no change thus far. She said my numbers were so high that I may never get it back in remission but the medication may help slow the forward progress.

Wow - that is terrible. No wonder your body is so over-tired. At least she is trying to help you get it under control. Sounds like you have a good doctor there!

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful Psychiatrist and a equally wonderful Therapist. The hospital in our town is horrific but fortunately I have 3 good doctors!! Having Chronic Fatigue and anemia on top of the Epstein Virus and Fibromyalgia, I often wonder how I accomplish anything! I don’t have a car as I can’t afford the costs so I walk everywhere in my town. I use a cart to carry my groceries, etc… It would help tremendously if they could figure out what I have anemia. My iron levels are perfect so that was ruled out. My dad passed away from Leukemia and my mom had aplastic anemia. So, apparently it runs in the family. How are you doing? I would love to hear about you too.

Actually, I’ve been having terrible flares off and on for the past 3 weeks so I’m extremely tired. I work at home, b/c Covid is so bad right now. I’m finally getting used to being home constantly, but have had some bouts of depression. I just try to remind myself that I’m incredibly blessed in many ways despite the health issues. Thank you for asking!

I’ve been diagnosed with both~ And yes, it is like being doubly cursed!