Chronic Pain

I am new to FM and this forum. I am having severe chest, arms, hands fingers, back, and leg pain...restless sleep, awful depression and no insurance to go to the dr to get help!! Work is terrible and the pain makes me cry non stop.....Any suggestions to help ease the pain?

u should call around and see if there r any free clinics or clinics that work with you depending on your income. i have no insurace and i go to a clinic that charges you depending on your income and family size. and they have some who works there that helps those who need meds and cant afford them get them free from the company. u can get meds u may need free but u need a dr to fill out part of the application and send in a script with it. so call your local health departmen to see if they know of any clinics u can go to if you get on the right meds your pain level will go down the trick is finding the right meds. going by what u said i think on med that would help u is cymbalta it helps with pain and depression i am on it. the other tricky thing with meds is getting on the right dose usually they start people on cymbalta at 60mgs i ended up haing mine upped to 90mg. the medicine only comes in two strengths 60 and 30mgs. i hope this can help u on your journey to finding a dr and getting on some meds that will help u

Thank you for your input, I do go to a clinic but they dont have an opening for a month so I kade the appt but un til then I feel like Im dying :/ I sure hope they can do something!!! Thanks again!

I would recommend going to the ER and getting something for pain to carry you until you can get an appointment at a free clinic.

There are lots of discussions on the site about meds. I think it varies from person to person. Your pain sounds a lot like mine and I feel for you. There are so many days where I can’t get out of bed.

A really hot bath or shower could provide temporary relief as can water walking at a heated pool or sitting in the hot tub.

i hope u can find some relief. i feel so bad for u. going to an er can help and with u not really working u would probaly get your bill covered all u have to do i fill out a form the will give and provide proof of income. but an er/hospital will take care of u. i end having to go in alot due to my asthma and sometimes b admitted. i have even had surgery done and i dont have insurance. so dont continue to suffer its no way to live. iwish u the best and better days to come

I completely agree with the other people, don't suffer in silence and go to the ER to get something to help you. Pain clouds everything, so try and get that under control. Then you will sleep better and hopefully feel less down. We are all here for you on this forum so reach out any time. Keep us updated. Jo

Thank you all so much I found that Castor Oil used as a massage oil helps ease the pain a little...Dr called me and changed my appt from the 28th to the 11th thank goodness so hopefully that will work. I still have not been to the ER trying not to go but still may end up having to go. i keep waking up in the night in tears and even had to call off work 2 days ago due to the nonsleep and pain :/

How are you feeling today?

I can understand what you may be going through as many times I can’t sleep from the pain. There is a lavendar pillow spray that is sold at Bath and Body Works. It helps me sleep - thought I would share in case it helps you! (I think it’s called Sleep) It calms me down even when I am in pain.

Keep us posted and like others have said go to the ER if things keep going like they are going or gets worse-


I'm currently seeing a doctor for treatment but the current medication isn't working for me. So until I can go back to him, I've been taking ibuprofen and basically coating myself in icy hot. As well as, taking hot showers if I feel really bad. The hot water helps relax my muscles. I also get m boyfriend to massage me, but it does cause a little more pain when I get this done. But afterwards, my muscles feel very relaxed. Although, none of this works completely but it does help take the edge off and at least makes it somewhat tolerable. Hope this helps.

I to am new to Forum and diagnosis. Have found no relief from pain at all. Been put on Vicoden, Tramadol, Ibuprofen. No relief at all. Coupled with the lack of sleep it stinks.Most of the time I find sitting as still as I can does more than meds. Working has become very difficult.I have been in social work my entire life and I feel for you.Going to ER has become less of an option for people as alot are becoming for profit and once they realize your stable, their obligation is met. I too would suggest looking for a free clinic, contact Catholic Social Services, or if your area has a local crisis helpline, calling them. I wish you luck and success.

I agree to go to the ER, let them give you meds to keep you cool until you can see a doc. As I do not like taking meds, I will give you what I do to help ease the pain.

I take hot to cold showers, alternating the water temp

For relief of pain if it is too bad i take MIDOL, the over the counter med for cramps. The caffeine does the trick, try it!

I do yoga and focus on my breathing.(if you are new to yoga then do light yoga but learn to focus on your breathing, it may sound stupid but it helps puts you at ease, release tension and allows you to focus more on treating your painful areas.) *well for me it does*

I do not eat a lot of sweets, drink soda or eat red meats.

I eat fruits all day and drinks lots of water.

and I stand and bend out and dangle my arms and let the blood flow. . .

for your hands, put them in a sink full of ice cold water and massage each hand while under. . .I love that and I have the worst hand pain that I want to chop these suckers OFF!!!

Wear comfy shoes to work like New Balance or Sketchers or Kswiss Tubes. . .

it may not be an overnight remedy but it works for me and maybe these tips can work for you. I know that MIDOL is good to give a try for pain relief. And get some sleep. . .get MELATONIN pills from the store to help you in sleeping. . .drink some nice hot tea and sit down with your feet up. Don't focus too much on the pain and do research. . knowing where to massage when a certain part of your body hurts helps BIG TIME!!! it's a lot to do but in order to cope at work and in life it can be helpful!!

I hope some of this helps you and I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. Hang in there

I used to go to the Er because my pain would be so bad that there are times I have waking without dealing with excruiating pain. When I have gone to the ER, recently they are very mean to me and say they do not treat chronic pain. I hope you have better luck if you do go to the ER and they treat you better then they did me. I do not trust many doctors at this point.