Worst Pain Ever! What do I do?

I have been in pain everyday since May. While the Cymbalta and Lyrica has helped somewhat, I am still in horrible pain. Today has been the worst. I tried calling my local doctor and they closed at noon and couldn't have gotten me in anyway. I talked to a nurse who acted like my pain was no big deal, which made me feel angry. Then, I tried calling my neurologist (who refuses to send me to a rheumotologist) and their phone lines are down. I haven't slept well since I started the Cymbalta and Lyrica. I can sleep about two hours and then I am awake. I am hurting so bad and I am so tired. Sorry for venting! Any ideas for pain relief is appreciated. I have tried heating pad and ice pack. Also, capscasin...nothing is working!

I wanna cry! :(


I hear you and your pain. I've had FM since 1991 along with a growing list of conditions that have affected me (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Facet Arthritis, etc.,). Today is a bad day for me as well, probably the worst physical day I've have in some time. Every time I move a joint, I feel as though someone is sliding a knife right through it. And the worse I get, the worse it makes my fibromyalgia. But here is the thing, and it is crucial to know this - FM is not a progressive disease. If today is the worst day you've had or will ever have, then that is as bad as it is ever going to get. And if you can accept that - that today's pain is as bad as it will ever get - then it will eventually (let me repeat that, EVENTUALLY) become the parameter for which you measure pain.

When this day ends and you climb into bed and fall asleep, you will once again be a survivor. You will have gotten through the worst day of pain you have ever experienced and you will be better for it. I know for me, and I have been pretty much flat on my back since March of this year, I am looking forward to getting past this day and tomorrow and the day after that because at some point, I'm going to wake up feeling a little bit better. And I know that once I start moving in that direction, more things will start feeling better.

I will not lie to you and say that this ends with you smiling all the time surrounded by rainbows and free cash. Fibromyalgia stinks. It's a great way to gain perspective (which is something we all have to get at some point) but the actual reality of having it stinks. Days like today stink. But you reached out and hopefully somebody says something that sticks and helps you through the rough patches. One thing I know about the FM community is that it is full of wonderful people who get it.

I will pray for you, that you find relief and calm, that you may take a few cleansing deep breaths that will rid your mind/body of some bad pain, that you will laugh at some point today and that through the pain you still be able to give back to somebody, to make their day a bit brighter.

Hi again, Susan. I hope you were able to finally get some sleep. And that has helped your pain, even a bit.

Again, I think you should talk to your GP about upping the Lyrica as soon as you can. But Susan, just remember that I'm not a doctor and can't offer any sort of medical opinion, just a layman's opinion.

Susan, I TRULY hope that you can get a better medical team working WITH you. And if you can get hold of the blood tests done and the results, that could give you some answers too, perhaps.

Getting pain relief from fibro truly isn't a quick affair. Heck, sometimes we're in pain no matter what. BUT many of us have doctors who have found a way to contain the pain to an extent, so we can manage to muddle through the day a lot of the time.

Sure seems like much of your problem is having such a disjointed medical team, and a neurologist who is so very far away from you. But maybe that's the only case scenario available to you. I truly hope, though, that the doctors pull it together quicker for you. It's awful to think that you've gotten no significant pain relief since May. That just isn't acceptable, as far as I'm concerned but then again, I'm not living in your town.

Wishing you the best. Feel a bit better, girl and let us know how it's going.



Hi Susan,

My advice is to have another Dr of yours refer you, an ob/gny, GP, DC, Dentist, anyone with medical credentials you have access to, if you need that referal for Insurance, otherwise, just call on your own??? I would use anyone I could. I strongly believe that anyone with Fibromyalgia should be seen by a Rheumatologist on a regular basis to keep an eye out for autoimmune.

Can you describe the pain? Is it muscle, nerve, bone, tendon? Lyrica will help with nerve pain, if the dose is significant, but will do nothing for joint or bone pain. I know that sometimes it is difficult to even decide what kind of pain it is.

Here are some possibilities for you:

http://azarthritis.com/docs.html http://www.mayoclinic.org/rheumatology/


I find it disgusting that a neurologist will not refer you! I hope that you will get to one anyway, please don't let that one keep you away!

Please let me know if I can help you find anything else, I'm on your side!

Love and hugs,



I am thinking its muscle pain, but also in connective tissues to my joints. Its sometimes burning, sometimes hurting, and other times it both. I occasionally will get a patch of skin that feels sunburned on my leg, but it's not even red. Right now, it hurts my hips and one knee to even walk. Turning over on the couch causes pain in my sides and hips. It even hurts when I take a deep breath. My fingers constantly tingle, and I have Raynauds too. Occasionally, I also have trouble swallowing. I am planning on (if I can live until then) going to my GP monday and insisting he do something. The pain is too much to deal with. I have three children who need me, and I start back to college shortly. The classes are on the third floor! I also wanted to say that I have noticed my "bones" popping a lot. Dunno what all that is about, but it also hurts. Sorry to be such a downer! Just need advice and pain relief!

I totally agree with Susan. You MUST get to a rheumatologist. The bottom line is that they are the doctors that treat FM. If he still will not refer you, ask him this, would your neurologist send you to a dermatologist if you had pneumonia? That is essentially what he is doing by trying to treat you him/herself. Do some research within your insurance company and find a rheumatologist yourself and then DEMAND that your neurologist give you a referral.