I have been diagnosed with depression for a LONG time now...

Today, I am having a bad day with my depression. I usually don't have this since I am on meds for it.

I haven't felt this depressed in a long time. I think it is due to financial issues...

Me and my partner are really struggling now...we bring in just enough money for our bills but for nothing more...

My dog needs to go to the vet for her yearly check up. We need a bit more money each month for food and gas....we just don't have it. I can't stand this because it causes much anxiety and now depression..

I could ask to borrow a bit from my mother but I hate to do that...

I have some Jade jewelry that I am thinking of selling as it doesn't mean anything to me but I don't know if it's even worth anything...

I am just frustrated and depressed.....thanks for letting me vent


Hugs to you today, Ariestlt!!! Tight finances are very depressing.

Maybe you need a tune-up on your anti-depressants. Can you go to the doctor to be checked?

Petco offers low-cost vaccines for pets. If you go to their website, you can find out which days the vaccines are offered. Also, sometimes there are places in your area that will do the same thing. Type in "low cost pet vaccines" and the name of your town.

If you have any assets, you can have them placed in a trust. And then apply for food stamps and gov. aid because with your assets in a trust, you'd be eligible.

Hope some of this helps you a bit. I truly know what you're going through. Went through it with my ex-husband and it was terrible to deal with.

Good point, anti-depressants affect everyone differently, and especially young people.

Thanks for sharing. Venting is one of the reasons we started the network. It’s important to get things off your chest.

Gemm -

I totally understand your have enough...but.... At least for me - all the bills get paid and then it is a toss up between which of my medications I can fill and which of the 5 doctors can I go to this month...

I have been denied SSI for the past 4 1/2 years and am hoping this will be the successful one.

I think living with fibro - all over the body pain; rheumatoid arthritis, migraines from 4 discs in my neck & 4 in my lower back - from a work airline injury - make me some days not even able to go on... I sink into such a pit of he## and just wish that I could find the needed relief. I miss working, I miss having co-worker friends - and lately the depression has been so bad - I do wish I would just die and get it over with - this is so not living.

I have 2 great dogs that depend on me and kids that are grown adults that I want to be there for. But I am in a 'dead non caring' marriage - that I can not leave because I do not have the resources to support myself.

I am sorry if I have ruined your 'vent' - but just wanted to tell you not to give up. Some very nice people have offered some good suggestions.

I do still have faith and will continue to pray for all that are afflicted with this wicked condition.

Try to have a good day. When I used to work and counsel others I would remind them to, "Do a special kindness just for you today." Buy a single flower, go swimming, make yourself some ice cold lemonade, watch a favorite old movie...something that only you love!

Tender Hugs =)

GEMM. Sorry you're having a bad time right now glad you told us that's what were here for we understand what our group is. Going through you can vent as long as you need we all gave good days we want to share and bad days the good ones family and friends lime to hear about but nit the bad ones that's whet were for we all support each other un good s s bad times this is awonderful group ive learner so much and were all fortunate to have each take one day at a time. I try to live like my dog each day to sa ir each moment and squeeze as much out of each day

Just wanted to give you some hope re. your disability. I was recently approved and approached it with the diagnosis of depression as well. I also know what it feels like to want to die...I am so sorry for you. The only reason I hang on at times is that I have two children 7 and 10. I was staying in bed for days at a time only getting up when I have my kids. Keep the room as dark as possible because the light hurts my eyes. Friends have been so worried about me but to me its just the norm. My doc finally put me on cymbalta and it seems to be helping. At least I get up most days now! I am out of my marriage at long last and empathize with you there as well. I started drinking to relieve the pain and you can imagine how well that worked for me! Heck to be in this condition let alone being an alcoholic as well! Yipes! Havent drank in over 2 yrs so, again, there is always hope. I will keep you in my prayers.

You are a Gem to me doing what a lot of us do-make choices with how to spend our monies. Have you ever made a budget? It may be helpful-just a suggestion. Once you see how you see where all the money goes, you may be able to back some each week/month until you are able to take care of your furry child. I know, I have 3.

I too am diagnosed with depression. I have been in treatment over 18 years. Mine was divorce related. Actually, I was glad it was over, but I did not like the way it ended. Finances are a major cause of depression and can spread to all aspects of your life and the people in it.

You need to not shut yourself off from the outside world my emerald. Being social helps. I am sorry for saying what you need. It is the ex-teacher in me! Even if it is on the phone or a social media site

My brother does hesitate to ask for money. I give it. He was in a bad wreak and can’t work. Some months he runs short. If your mom has it and is willing, why not? You could make it a loan or explain your situation and see if she could just give it to you. I have given my brother most of the money. One time he said he would pay me back. I thought nothing of it, but he did.

Don’t get rid of your jade. You’re right-you’ll get nothing for it. You may be able to sell it at work or elsewhere or trade.

Have you tried the Health Department? Social Services? Food Pantries? I am sorry; I do not know how dire your situation is.

Entertainment is not too hard to find even in a rinky dink town like mine. There are usually free art shows, concerts around the court square, festivals, parades, etc. You may contact your local Chamber of Commerce for a listing of free events. Computers are good also, but i have found counties don’t always keep them up to date.

I am sorry you are depressed and having a bad day. I hope your situation improves daily for your partner and you.

Yes, you do have to wait in long lines. I always go at the beginning and end up standing and standing. It's exhausting but it gets the job one. Maybe you could put your pet into a pet carrier and sit on the carrier when you get too tired?

depression can creap up on u when u least expect it. i would call around and see if someplace other than your normal vet can do your dogs check up and shots for less. i would also see i u can get food stamps. sometimes u can get help even its only like 100 dollars a month it will help. also if u have an aldi around u they have better prices on food. i would also check local ads before u go shopping to find the best prices on foods. i know my friend shops at 3 to 4 stores so she can the best prices on everything. i know it may seem like a hasle to go to more than one place to get groceries but it should help. i hope u can get some help that way u will not have so much stess on you. i know stress can really make depresson worse. best wishes

Hi Gemm,

You are getting some good suggestions. Take advantage of charities from churches or food pantries--don't be embarrasted because I am sure you have given to charity in the past when you were able. Also, if you have gold to sell that you are not attached to, SELL IT. I recently sold some old gold from my teen year and made over 1000 dollars. I was shocked!

I aslo have severe depression and know how scary it is when it returns full force. But we both know that meds only help the chemical imbalance. They do nothing for the situational stuff. You might want to have a depression support group that you can go to and meet others. It is like any other chronic disease and you need to stay on top of it. I know how easy it is to just rely on the meds. But when the symptoms start again, it is good to have a support plan in place already-be it online or live.

Good luck and gentle hugs


I know how you feel. Money is so tight for me right now also. Last November I moved in with 2 friends so we could all have a little extra money. In March, one of the roommates just up and moved out, leaving us barely able to make the rent and utilities. My cat was hurt lst week and I had to treat him because I still owe the vet from bills in Nivember. Just keep your head up, cut cost where you can and pray.


Your kind words and ideas really have made my day - thank you ! I was doing soo so bad today and am glad that I checked back in on this board.

Thank you again =)

Dear Gemm,

I know that illness is financially crushing, I just lightened my jewelry box before Christmas. So many things I did not care for, didn't fit, didn't care about. Gold was getting a great price, why not? Just to let you know, if anyone ever does this always seperate it by karat, otherwise they will pay you only for the lowest karat for all!

Gemm, financial assistant programs perhaps. Food stamps. This is the reason we work all of our lives and contribute, because life sometimes demands that we use these programs that we have funded for so long.

Hope things will be looking up for you very soon!


To Gemm, and everyone who has posted:

All of you either fully understand the despair you feel from depression, or you have offered some great ideas. Either way, you are helping everyone tremendously. I was finally diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder 20 years ago, after having it through my teens, and it's been a battle every day. I have changed meds a million times over the years, and I am still searching for that "magic pill". Of course, my number one issue is also money, but my health, having money for the Vet, etc, are all major contributing factors.
For the last 2 years, I have sunk so far into a deep depression, at this point I don't know how I will get out. But coming here to the board, talking to everyone who understands chronic illness, regardless of what it is-- offering helpful suggestions and support--it really does help.

So Gemm, We all understand -- I'm right there with you -- we need to keep hoping and praying that tomorrow will be better, and make sure we keep coming here all the time to get the support of our friends !


THANK YOU ALL so much!!

I am having a better day today. Yesterday, I just took a hot bath and watched a comedy movie that makes me just laugh hard...

I know that my situation is much better than some people these days and I know that no matter what, I will be ok.

Things generally work out. I asked my mother for a loan and she said yes. So, I will pay up what I need to and put the rest in savings.

I am also going to look into selling the Jade. I know a jewler that I can trust and see how much it could be worth...if I get anything out of it, that will go into savings as well.

Thanks for all of your suggestions and words of support, empathy and encouragement. I am very grateful.


Hi Renie,

I too suffer from MDD and am on lots of meds. Have you tried support groups like a s12 step program? I am part of a great group called emotions anonymous and a cognitive behavioral group called Recovery Inc. You can look online.

Good luck


I too have had depression and it is horrible. As with many of you, money is more than tight. We have given up a lot of things and never go out anymore. I would love to be able to go to a nice dinner or a weekend at the beach but it is not possible right now. I have applied for SSD and tried to get assistance with hospital bills but they say my husband makes too much although we are barely above the poverty line. I have sold a lot of stuff but you never get what you paid for it and then I get depressed cuz my nice things that I worked for are gone. It is a never ending cycle.

For those of you who need help with meds, try The website has links to different programs that help with medication and you can get some with only a $15 or $20 a month copayment. Go to the site and type in your medication name and then it will lead to the different programs available.

My philosophy is this:

Get up each day and put a smile on your face and act like you are happy- sometimes it comes true. So through the depression, the worrying, the pain… I just keep smiling as best I can and keep on going.

Gemm, you are not alone. Most of us are in the same boat. That's what this support group is for, a place where we all came come together and vent. Financial problems is the biggest reason for most of us to get depressed. Turn it around, make it positive.

There are ways around things, you just have to find a way to turn it around, and make it positive. Being negative never solved a thing, it just makes you sad, and can make you sicker. There are services that you might qualify for, through you state where you live.

Is there any way you can cut back on your bills, so you can budget in for your food & gasoline. I can send you, 25 ways you can make some money from some of your household things.

Call your Humane Society or SPCA and ask them if they have any Vets that will do vacine clinics for your dog. They do them here, and I saved gobbs of money on my two dogs. I was able to get their heartworm test + pills, I paid $15 for the heartworm test + 6 mos pills, and $20 for 2 ( 3 year) distemper/rabies shots. Total $35. I thought that was a great savings, if I had went to my regular vet, it would have been over $200.00.

Are u employed? If you are not, have you ever thought about working at home? There are all kinds of jobs available, that you could do at home, and make a little money which might help you stretch your food or gasoline budget. I can give you some sights to check out.

Please just try to help yourself, and not give in to the depression. Better days, are coming, have faith, and pray, God will see you through.

I am having a bad day with depression myself. Day started out good and then the pain took over. I took a pain pill and it eased some but I hate taking them and they make me feel bad. I am sitting here just crying and wishing for a gentle hug. My husband doesn’t want to touch me unless it is sexual and HE gets something out of it. I feel so alone! Nobody in my life understands and I feel like I am a huge burden and dont contribute. My mother in law is great and helps a lot but it is so hard to ask. And the medical bills just keep coming. Got two mor ein the mail today. We just barely have enough income to NOT qualify for all kinds of assistance. I know God is out there watching over me but sometimes I feel abandoned.

I really am so glad I found this site but it makes me sad that the only people I can talk to are strangers. I feel like running but to where? Can’t outrun this one.

Ok, drying my tears and putting a smile on my face. Back to the guilty pleasures of Deperate Housewives. :slight_smile: