Desparate to find a new doctor

Hello everybody,

I have been going to the doctor who diagnosed me with Fibro for over 7 years. His specialty is an Internist who specializes in Lupus and I guess Fibro. He was the 8th doctor I had seen before he gave me the diagnosis. Anyway, I have to see him once a month for disability reasons and he is sick and tired of me telling him how I feel. He used to examine my trigger points until I asked him not to push so hard as it made me scream. PLEASE, if any one lives in the Los Angeles, Calif. area has a doctor that you like could you please, please give me his/her name? The day before I go to see him I get so nervous that I break out into full blown. The day after I see him I am in bed. I can't keep this up any longer. Please help me. Gentle, very gentle hugs, Tawnycat