Direction in life

i am at a lost at this moment and coping with all my deseases isnt easy.

i went to the psychologist today because of not coping with everything. he actually gave me good advise. i have to take back control of my life start making positive decissions that can improve my mood, my body and my soul.

i am angry at myself for all these things happening to me. not even at God or the world just at myself for failing myself and my loved ones all around me.

i also started hydro therapy for my fibro and must admit it is helping. gonna start going 3 times a week. my poor husband suffers the most. but hopefully he will still be there when i need him the most.

Hi frustrated

Have you looked at fibro 101? Also mindflullness and relaxation their are some good tips their that may help you. I am glad you are getting help. I think that is one of our biggest problems we get mad at our selves.

You have nothing to be angry with yourself about. It's not your fault that you're sick. I hope the things you are doing to help yourself have some success. You deserve to feel better - and if it can't be physically, it can at least be emotionally!

Well said sophy

I understand your anger and guilt. I am the primary earner in our family. That was a decision we made before this fibro got so bad. I am doing my best to keep working and not use the FMLA I had to get in June. I just started seeing therapist. First session yesterday. Keeping an open mind. What is hydrotherapy like? I need a fibromyalgia specialist. Seeing a primary Dr who is smart but at a loss on how to help. Seeing neurologist who got me tested for sleep apnea so now use cpap. Other than cpap helping with improving energy level especially in am nothing has improved ,just worsening fast over past couple years. Any one know of fibro specialist in NY ? Sorry for all the whining.

Hello frustrated,

I totally hear how you feel about everything you are dealing with. Seems like it all starts adding up and we allow our minds to start thinking negatively. It seems to put us in a place that we didn’t ever think that we would be. When your doctor starts talking about making positive decisions he is absolutely correct.

You can’t be angry with yourself for things happening to you. What has happened has happened and your family had to know that you have been going through this and understand that you still love them. Now that you are aware of what you feel you have done or not done then it’s time to make changes. This is what the therapist was telling you is that you can’t change the past, but the future you can.

Step back and think of what positive changes you can make. If so ask them what they feel they would like to see change in you. Otherwise approach them individually and share how you feel and how you want to change. Tell them what your plans are and then as you process this in your head it empowers you to follow through with it. It’s like when you tell them what your plans are it is like a contract in your head so then you realize you need to set steps to do it then.

I know you can do it! Just remember how powerful of a person that you are and that your doing everything you can to change and improve your life. The hydro therapy is great and I do think you’ll find it very beneficial.

Sending good thoughts and Positive Energy your way…

Hello Frustrated,

I can really relate with what you are going through. It is SO hard to cope at times, and I am having a day like that myself. I never blame God or the world for my fibro either, but I always come down very hard upon myself for feeling like I am always failing. But this is a toxic way of thinking, its a vicious cycle. I like the idea of making positive decisions but sometimes I feel that I don't know how. Hang in there, I completely hear you. I pray that the hydro therapy helps a lot!

Blessings and prayers