Disability Hearing

Will do and the best of luck to you!!!

Thank you so much! Not only am I dealing with Fibro I also have osteoarthritis, disc degeneration, you would think that would be enough suffering. I’m suppose to have one of the best law firms around but I’m disappointed in them to, I met with one lawyer but I had a different lawyer at the hearing, but maybe it’ll all work out. I also hope the dr who looks at my case realizes the pain I’m dealing with.
I certainly hope all goes well with you & get what you deserve!!

I have another hearing July 16th, I suppose he will make his decision then.
Thanks for the support & prayers!!

Well, that's a wait, isn't it? I'm sorry this has happened. I don't think that many of us have the means to live for very long with no money coming in. I wish the government would understand this. Well, hopefully you'll be good to go once the case is reviewed. Hang tight until then and wait them out instead of them waiting you out. Good luck!