Doctor thinks I may have MS

I have been having balance problems as well as numbness and pain that gets incredibly worse when I am exposed to heat. My doctor sent me for an MRI because she believes I may have MS. I had the MRI on Tuesday, my doctors office has had the results since Thursday but my doctor is out until Monday. I have called a few times trying to get the results each time they say they will try and have someone call me. I’m going crazy not knowing!

Hello Natalie,

Try not to get worked up to much because what your Doctor thinks you may have, may be totally different to the results from the MRI.

I've got muscle wastage which is called "Muscle Atrophy" which my Lupus as caused which can lead to MS...i've not been tested for it but my muscle wastage alone causes all the symptoms you have above.

Muscle Atrophy damages the nerves in the body and i also have nerve damage, you need to be tested on that also because of the numbness your getting and the pain your getting exposed to heat is also a mixture from your fibro, as they counter react with one another...please try and avoid the heat if possible.

Here a link on Muscle Atrophy and fibro for you to read and please try not to worry until you know the proper results....the more you scroll to the bottom of the link the more you'll see on info.

Hugs & kisses Terri xxx

Hi Natalie, please don’t worry too much. The docs thought I might have MS and did all the tests and it turned out to be something not at all neurologically related. There’re so many things that can cause symptoms similar to MS and most of them are not as “bad” as MS. And I have been told many times by docs and by people that have MS that there are treatments now where you can live a pretty normal life. So think about something else and don’t borrow trouble as they say. You will get through this. Hugs, MB

Did your doctor ever call you back? If not, do try to remember that the balance problems also come with fibo, as does numbness. Even the sensitivity to weather extremes. So perhaps you truly are experiencing fibro things. I say this so that you might be able to take away some of your fear of what you don't know and put it back into the realm of what you do know. It all could be just the fibro. If you can comfort yourself with the "it's the fibro" mantra until Monday, perhaps it will help you to be calmer. And it truly may be just our good friend, fibro.

In the meantime, I'd strongly suggest that you do things to distract yourself. If you like reading about cats, go to cat sites and find interesting articles. Keep yourself as busy as you can, using the resources at your disposal. Try to put yourself on 'vacation' from fibro or anything else medical for the next two days. You don't need the stress of worrying about something that very hopefully isn't true for you.

Gentle hugs,