Leg weakness

Does any one know if leg weakness is a fibro symptom? I am having the hardest time walking. It has been going on for a long time but lately it is "ON" more than not. I had to use my scooter for 4 days because I couldn't get my legs to work at all. It is a little scary. I have had a 2 level fusion in my back but I don't think it is from that. Some one asked if I had recently been tested for MS as I have been losing my hair, having night sweats, itchy everywhere (not from meds), dizziness.

I have been diagnosed with fibro and am taking Savella. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

My thought is to go to your rheumatologist ASAP and get tested for autoimmune illnesses, including MS. I know that fibro certainly can cause leg weakness, including having legs give out, but other autoimmune illnesses can mimick fibro so it really is best to get it checked out ASAP.

Hi kallee!

It's possible that this could be from both, start a list, give your Neurologist a call, let them have a look at you, or even your Rheumatologist, but time to go have the talk, I think!



So sorry you are going through this, my legs have been killing me, hamstrings. It's always something, you know?

Wishing you well,


I have had 3 brain MRI's now, looking for MS or SLE, so far so good!

I'm glad to hear so far so good. Neither one is something I'd want you to have. Let's hope the news stays the same - good.

Hi Kallee, I do have weakness in my legs, like when I’m walking they feel so tired as if I just ran a marathon, when i walk up a few stairs, my muscles in my legs burn, and feel so tired, but Iv never experienced not being able to lift them… I’m concerned for you, not to scare you , but your dr. Needs to rule out MS, do your legs feel clumbsey ??? Droopy like? Are you tripping ?? Falling ?

You should def. get it checked out

Please let us know
Hugs & blessings

Thank you all for your info and support. The leg weakness started long before I was on Savella so I know it isnt that. I was tested for MS about 10 years ago as I was the right age, gender, grew up in Seattle and had a lot of MS symptoms. The test came back negative. My concern is false negatives on tests. Montel Williams has MS and it took them like 13 years before he got a positive test result. Don't misunderstand, I am not hoping for a positive result, I just want to make sure that I am treated for what is wrong with me. I have been misdiagnosed too many times. I will make an appointment today with my doctor. I haven't had a normal walking day in 3 weeks. I haven't fallen or tripped. I can't lift my legs to trip. I shuffle or drag my feet. I have a walking stick to use for support and my scooter when I can't walk at all. Again thank you your advice and support.

Hi Dee. I went to my doc today. She wouldn't listen to me regarding my new symptoms. Told me I needed to see a neurologist to rule out ms or parkingsons. Asked if I needed new prescriptions and told me she would see me in 3 months. She gave me about 4 minutes of her time. I won't be going back to her. I called and made an appointment with a neurologist on the 30th. I am very scared but more that all my tests will come back negative and then I am back to square one not knowing what is wrong. Don't misunderstand, I don't want it to be anything serious, but I just want a diagnosis that is correct. I want to know what to do and not do to help myself. If it MS, I don't want to be going into the hot tub....heat makes MS worse. You know what I mean. I don't have alot of confidence in doctors but I don't have a choice if I want to get better.

Thanks again Dee for your help and thoughts. It means so much to get feedback and support. Also, thank you all who gave me suggestions and support.

Take care of yourself. Swim or walk as much as you can to help strengthen your muscles, give your better circulation. You might want to ask the doc about Neuropathy.

Gentle hugs.

Hi Kallee, I can not believe your dr. Wouldn’t listen to you, that is horrible !!! 10 min that’s crazy, I’m so sorry you are dealing with a dr. That is like that, I hope you can find a better PCP, I am glad that you got an appointment with a neurologist !!! You certainly have enough symptoms to raise a red flag that they need to rule out MS, I know you must be scared, but it’s very important to have MS r/o or diagnosed, as treatment works better when it’s caught earlier. I hope for you it’s negative, but the neurologist should order an MRI of your brain, I remember when I first started having muscle weakness I was so scared it was MS, but with a neg MRI, and the neurologist reassuring me I don’t have the symptoms that are typical … I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I was sure…
Please keep us updated

Hugs & blessings

Hi kallee,

I have debilitating all over weakness that happens every once in a while... I couldn't get off a chair with a forklift when it happens. The idea of just holding a pen makes me cry. But these episodes only last a short time, and happen once a day or so.

I think the neurologist is going to be the best bet for you. These symptoms could be a lot of different things, and it's better you see a specialist. Especially with the fusion, it's probably good to have that checked also.

Your doctor doesn't run her practice right--the ones that are so over busy do exactly what she did: give you 4 minutes, write enough prescriptions to last until your 3-month checkup, and farm you out to whatever specialist you might need, because she's too busy to deal with it. It's common practice, but not acceptable !

This is a posting on having negative test results: Seronegative Test Results
Maybe there is some information there to arm yourself with for your visit with the neurologist.

Good luck, and keep us posted !!


Just an FYI:

I just came off Savella. While I was on it, the weakness was 100x worse. I thought I was dying, or I wanted to. I had horrible flu-like symptoms all summer, but never realized it was from the Savella until I increased the dose and immediately became deathly ill. Weakness, light-headed, all over pain, suicidal, confused. It's also well known for causing severe sweating. **not that this has anything to do with you, just saying what happened with me !

Hey Kallee, I have been wheelchair-bound before because my legs "wouldn't work." They were super weak (couldn't bear weight) and it was excruciatingly painful to move them. They turned purple even, and that was when I went to the ER. MRI, CT, blood work, neuro exam, every test was negative. The ER doc felt the need to check range of motion on my legs. That is what I consider a 10 on the pain scale now. Worst pain I have experienced! His words, "Not life or limb threatening." Over 1-2 years this happened maybe 5 or 6 times. Back in the wheelchair every time. I saw a neurologist, rheumatologist, phsyciatrist, physical therapist, general practitioner, and ER doc. No one could buy a vowel, so I just lump it into my category of, "weird fibro things." Keep us posted on the Neuro's findings! Hugs!