Leg Spasms , MS and FibroAnyone?

Wonder if any of you have trouble with leg spasms? Mine used to happen at night, now I am getting them in the daytime. Am on an anti-spasmodic which helps but I don't like to take in the day time as it makes me sleepy/dizzy.

My dr has ordered an MRI to rule out MS.Have any of you been tested for MS? If so, just an MRI or other tests too?

Thanks for your input.

Hello Lavenderose,

I suffer with leg and calf spasms bad from my Lupus which the symptoms are identical to fibro and they drive me mad at the moment i'm taking 400mg of plaquenil daily sometimes it eases them and like lastnight my left leg was in pain.

I've never been tested for MS but do have Muscle Atrophy (muscle wastage) which is still as bad to a certain degree with your muscles wasting and i hope you don't have MS when you get your results.

You may find the link below interesting everything to do with MS.


This link is about different spasms with MS.


Terri :) xxx

Thank you, I will read up.


Hello Judy,

Your welcome...have they told you a date for the MRI?

Terri xxx

Hi Lavenderose,

Yes, I have had 3 brain MRI's looking for either MS or SLE (lupus). They are looking for brain lesions, mine have all come out clear. I have severe muscle attacks, sometimes they start in the ribs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Costochondritis) and sometimes they start in the feet of legs. I can wake up screaming from this.

I do take good Cal/Mag/D3, and Potassium, and have been tested, so it is not a vitamin deficiency. I sometimes twitch uncontrolably, but that can be fibro, as well as lupus or MS.

The only other test my Internist said could be done was a spinal tap. I asked if he would be the one to do that for me, he said no way would he do one today, that they do not even use x-rays to guide the needle, too easy to cripple someone! SO, that was a big 'I"LL PASS'.

Do you take Lyrica or Gabapentin?

Hi LavenderRose,

What a pretty name! Makes me think of springtime even though we're stuck in early winter.

If by leg spasms you mean cramps, then yes, I do get them, mainly at night or early morning. They seem to occur when i'm dehydrated so I drink some water and the cramps usually don't come back. Hey, it was worth a shot to try, nothing to lose.

My mother swears by an old folk remedy of putting a bar of soap on the area that's bothering her. She said she does it all of the time and it helps. i've never tried it so can't say one way or the other.

I put in a prayer for you that you don't have MS.

Smiles and hugs,


That's a new one on me, Pet, the bar of soap! I know the Italians are great for onions. I worked for several Italians and they learned from their Grandparents to slice onions, put them in a sock, put the sock on your foot and sleep with these onions touching your feet all night. The onions are supposed to draw it out. As a matter of fact I got an e-mail a while ago telling you to put 2 or 3 onions in a jar, put a fork in one and put it in a room with a sick person, allow the onions to turn black, if the person is still sick, change the onions and repeat. They are supposed to draw out the illness. But leg cramps, don't know about that.

You are absolutely right about staying hydrated with water! Just that could do it!

I take Lyrica around the clock for Sciatic nerve pain. I had to gradually adjust to them, and over time the mg has been upped.

Onions, huh? In a sock no less? I wonder how they decided on that combo? I guess it's guaranteed to make you cry, which maybe releases some chemical in your body that loosens up your leg muscles or something or other. Beats me, and I'm part Italian.

Oh. if ONLY leg cramps knew about things...like how rude it is to flare up just as a person awakens or while they;re still asleep.

Are you saying that the Lyrica causes them for you? I hope not! I'd be loath to take meds that cause pain.

Sounds like the mailman just came and went as the dogs are shrieking at him.

thank you for this post as i was worndeing if it was something to do with fibro i get them also at night and have also woke up in so much pain i have cryed also with my legs i cant cross my legs as the pain in my hips and legs and lower back is unbareable i also didnt now ms could also be somthing related to fibro sending good vibes to you


Spasms can occur with many autoimmune diseases i get it bad in my legs and calfs and they also twists my toes with those and my osteoarthris my toes have become twisted bad.

When you see your Dr mention this and see if he/she will prescribe some muscle relaxants to help you. :)

Hey Terri,

What kind of muscle relaxers do you take, the last one that I can remember was Skelaxin, it didn't seem to do a thing for me, I still have some though wonder if I tried it again it might help the Costochondritis, my ribs are really tight today, but big storm rolling in again!

Thanks for starting the Raynaud's group, always nice to have you here!

Love and Hugs,


Oh no, I don't think Lyrica causes them, may help them though!

Hi Susan,

I don't take none asked the GP and he said the plaquenil will do that and when i mentioned it to the rheumo, he told me if i except the Rituxan IV infusions apparently they sort it out.

I know how your feeling regarding the Costochondritis and your ribs being tight, as my osteo as gone into my ribs and they do hurt besides two of them being fractured years back.

Susan this links for different meds to help your Costochondritis.


Cheers mate and i've been going between all 3 today more. LOL

Hugs to you also mate. :) xxx

Susan, faye had some trouble with the Lyrica and as had to take the dose down and Tiffany pulled off the drug...yet i've heard so many are ok with it.

What i don't like about the drug is it's used for seizures, depression mainly and only eases the muscle pain in fibro patients...seizure meds can sometimes cause people to have seizures. :(

Okay, good. Glad to hear you're not being tormented by it. Hope it does help them!


Yes, fibro people are known for getting leg spasms. I'll try to find a comprehensive list of fibro symptoms. I'm sure you'll recognize MANY of them.

Oh boy, you too with the hips and back? I've got it too. It seems like A LOT of fibro people have this pain in their hips and back. Truly a horrible place to have pain as you feel it no matter what you do, and it's there if you're sitting, standing or lying down.

I'll go and look for the fibro symptoms list now.

Okay, here are the top ten fibro symptoms. I'll also try to find a link to lots of other fibro symptoms:

Top Ten Fibromyalgia Symptoms

  • Pain all over
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Brain fog
  • Morning stiffness
  • Muscle knots, cramping, weakness
  • Digestive disorders
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Balance problems
  • Itchy/burning skin

Hello Petunia Girl,

I hope it helps them also :)

Here's a more comprehensive list. There are other lists that cover other ailments that may be fibro related, as well, but I'll stick with this one for now as the symptoms listed seem pretty well established as being symptoms of fibro:

Widespread Pain Morning Stiffness Fatigue Vision Problems
Nausea Sleep Disorders Urinary and Pelvic Problems Weight Gain
Dizziness Chronic Headaches Cold Symptoms
Temperomandibular Joint
Dysfunction Syndrome
Multiple Chemical
Sensitivity Syndromes
"Fibrofog": Cognitive
or Memory Impairment
Skin Complaints Chest Symptoms Anxiety
Depression Dysmenorrhea Aggravating Factors
Myofascial Pain
Muscle Twitches
and Weakness
Memory Loss:
Is it Real?
Weather Changes The Menstrual Cycle Troubles Breathing?

Hi Petunia Girl,

Great list and i suffer about 80% off those with the Lupus alone...god knows how much of the sjogren's is giving off....it's a wonder we know where we are half the time.

Terri :)

I'm not sure if we do know, Terri! ha!

Not many people ask me how I am anymore, but usually when they do I tell them I am just "NUTS, NUTS, NUTS!!!"