New member.........finger spasms

Hi. As a newly diagnosed person I am still finding ways of living with fb, and still discovering new symptoms. The last few days I have had severe spasms/twitches in my left hand fingers. Wasn't too concerned until I googled and I was taken to a ms symptom checker. This terrified me and prompted me to look at the symptoms which are very similar to fb. In have had an MRI scan but nothing else. Should I be concerned? Has anyone else had the same fear?

Hey there and welcome to the group.

Firstly let me reassure you that googling ANY symptoms is a terrible idea. You should talk with a doctor, or someone else with medical knowledge (pharmacist, nurse, us etc) and that way you will not get any scary answers unless scary answers are the honest ones.

I'm not sure where you were scanned but

Over 9 out of 10 people with MS are diagnosed using an MRI scan.

So if it were your head and spinal column then they would likely of diagnosed it as MS then.

Tingling fingers are a pain, I know because I get them from time to time. It can be poor circulation (what is your blood pressure, do you have dizzy spells, have you ever had an unexplained faint etc) or neurological, in which case a trip to the doctor and a prescription for pregabalin (lyrica) or gabapentin may be of help to you.

If the spasms get worse or do not settle down then do seek treatment.

Mike xx

PS: I am always happy to give advice but I am not a substitute for a doctor. You are welcome to add me on here so you can send a private message if you would rather.

*Link to Quote on NHS website

Thanks mike for your reply. It is refreshing to speak with others who know through experience. As for googling symptoms, yea its a true sin of mine, you know you shouldn't but you just can't help it:-) I am not certain what I'm really doing on this yet but when I do I will gladly add you and thanks. X

Just accepted your request :-)

Next time you have symptoms if you ask on here first you should get an answer than doesn't cause you to empty your bladder in fright :P


HI bubbles,

Spasms are such a part of fibro, I wouldn't freak yet! Just keep a running list, and make sure you talk about this at your next appointment, if you don't have a next appointment then make one!

Fibro, MS, SLE, Lyme are all known as the great imitators, so keep that in mind!

MRI of the brain? I have had 3 brain MRI's looking for MS or SLE. All clear so far!

It's good to hear from you! I hope you can get some answers, and some relief very soon!

Wishing you well,


I have finger twitches too. My arms, legs, and face also twitch a lot (especially when I’m upset or angry), and I do get spasms sometimes. Sometimes it gets so bad in my fingers and hands I drop things or knock stuff over…it’s really frustrating! I haven’t been tested for anything else so hopefully it’s just the fibro!