Doctors visit from dla tribunal!

I attended a tribunal 2 months ago and the judge couldnt make his mind up if I should be awarded disability , so one of there doctors coming to see me tommorow afternoon , will post what happenens ! X hugs to everyone x

Hello Angie b

I hope that tomorrow's meeting goes well for you tomorrow.

We will most certainly be watching for your update.

Gentle hugs


Hello angie

I hope things go well tomorrow. Please keep us posted.

Hope it goes well for you

Ty x will let you know xxhugs x

Good luck, Angie! I hope you get some nice and understanding people, as I did, so you get approved. Honestly, I don't see why a single person who has fibro should be denied as I don't think there is a person with it who can continue to work long-term. So again, good luck, girl!

Hi angie,

Wow, just what you need, a tribunal! I hope this works out to your advantage, angie! Sending good thoughts your way!

Big hugs,


Morning xx hugs to everyone . The last couple of days ive been in a flare , I dont think it helped taking the 600mg my pain doc upped as I had the worst side effects ! I telephoned doc next morn and he has put me back onto 300mg which I can manage ! Then at the begginining of the week I went to the dentist as my gums started pulsing and throbbing , im so frightened of the dentist , but I went I was quite proud of my little self , all was fine , just another part of fm, its everywere now , cant go anywere else . Now today to top off my week , its here dla doc coming between 1pm and 3pm this afternoon. All I want to do is sleep ! I feel as if im burning all over , especially my legs ! Anyway ill stop going on , I will let you know what happenens , xxx

Hi angie b

I never used to be afraid of going to the dentist because it was manageable........that was until my jaw just could not keep open. Yes, I willed it to stay open. But oh the pain in my jaw afterwards. So I started taking pain meds plus Flexeril(muscle relaxant) about a half hour before my appointment. That seemed to help. Then I had to have a wisdom tooth removed.......I took the pain med and Flexeril half hour before. But then when the freezing came out the throbbing, gnawing pain started. I am a teacher so I went to school the next day and I suffered greatly but I stayed all day. I phoned the dentist so he had a look in my mouth no evidence of a dry socket. He gave me a prescription for Motrin. The next ten days were awful pain. Eventually it settled down. That was quite a number of years ago so I don't remember just how long.

Ever since then I have had pain with my dental visits so I have not been making regular visits as I used to do many years ago. I should go in to have my teeth cleaned, but the last time was very painful so I'm telling my teeth to "shape up and take care of themselves" because I am not going through the pain that always goes with my dental visits.

People who are not dealing with fibromyalgia have no idea of the pain we g through in the dentist's office.

Gentle hugs


Just had a phone call from the doctor , he said he has had a cancellation and could he come now , I said yes of course !, he was here within 15 minutes of calling , I was still in my pjamas as im flareing , he asked questions such as what I can do , who is with me in the day , how often I go to the toilet as I have overactive bladder , do I cook , how often do I brush my teeth , do I use a washing machine , how far can I walk , as I replied im in discomfort all the time . He then continued to ask what time I go to bed , what time I get up , . He then had to examine to see if I could lift my legs , arms obviously I couldnt , as iam hurting ! He then asked to I read newspapers or books , or watch television , I replied I cant sit for too long as I feel discomfort !! He was here about 45 mins , he will write his report and then I now have to wait , ive put myself to bed for a while as the weathef has changed again and its gone warm ! It flares me ! Big hugs xxx

I am so glad he came. I hope you do not have to wait to long to hear from them.


I am so glad he came. He sounded most caring as he asked you very many questions so that he can write his report.


Congrats to you for getting through this! When I went to the court-ordered psychiatrist for my case, he asked the same questions, and my answers were the same as yours. So hopefully your doctor will find as mine did, and you too will get your disability. And soon.