Doctor visit today!

hi to everyone , and hugs and love from me .. have been trying to put down whats happenening with me at the moment , but my thoughts are all over the place its taken me three days to do this . my pain doctor has contacted my doctor as he thinks I should see him as iam so low , and depressed. any change in the weather effects me , it brings so much pain and misery on my life , I fight hard through this , even push myself as I wont let it beat me ! but im deflated . as hard as I try to fight on my body thinks otherwise , what ever I do I pay for it later , the pain is worse than when I was diagnosed last year , I just cant do anything the same , it has turned my life around in a bad way , even if I go shopping for food , I have to get into a hot bath straight away. everyone one around me will help me , im lucky I know for that , but its hard coming from a hyperactive person , who studied , worked , ran the house , walked to how iam now , I think ive realised how bad iam and its hit me hard ! tears fall on me everyday now , im strong but I feel ive lost it sometimes , through this past year being on here with you guys has helped me soo much , I just wish we could all feel better !! anyway I wont keep going on , im sending hugs xx

Dearest Angie,

It's time for your Doctors to get moving and try some new meds, do some new tests. I just feel as though so many are being left out in the cold here with meds, care, treatments, insurance, appointments... and the list goes on.

Doesn't seem to matter what country, continent, or type of government or health care system, we are getting pushed aside, shuffled through, given the bums rush, treated like drug addicts or pushers, or ignored in some way!

I know, I'm not my usual composed self, but too many of my friends here are hitting brick walls, continuously, and that is unacceptable! The medical professionals and insurance companies need to get their act together!

I am so very sorry that you suffer so, wish I could do something more, angie, I really, really do! Maybe it's time to take your husband along and have him demand better care for you. You may be 'too nice',my dear!

Sending some love,


Cherokee Prayer Blessing

May the Warm Winds of Heaven

Blow softly upon your house.

May the Great Spirit

Bless all who enter there.

May your Mocassins

Make happy tracks

in many snows,

and may the Rainbow

Always touch your shoulder

I hope they can straighten out some meds for you and hope you to feel better. This time of year is horrible for our emotions.

Gentle Hugs I will be thinking of you.

Ty for replys it means alot xx purple it is lovely what you have put ty. Sk I will be taking hubby next time , he has put me on antidepressants . And he said the fatigue and memory loss is because of my meds !.I told him I had thses things before I took meds ! I asked him if it could be anything else with the fm , he said my bloods were ok last year !! What about now !! I wished I hadnt gone .your right sk ,, maybe I have been to soft with them , x I will see someone different next time . Big hugs xxxx