Sinking and scared

Hi to all my friends..two weeks ago i started feeling the flu come on. You all know the symptoms...tired, fever, achy. Now I realize it is my depression coming back and it is scary. Boy, just when you think you are safe from one illness another comes back. Just needed to vent

Oh no, Maria! It's a good season for it, with all the leaves falling, getting dark early, less sunshine for vitamin d and general well being! You'll just have to come hang out with us clowns a little more often! We don't want you to be sad! Please come vent anytime about anything!

I actually hope it is the flu! I know I've not been at my best, some of that is seasonal allergies, some of that is riding in the car, falling asleep here at the computer, torquing my body, some is getting old! ha! Let;s not forget the contrariness! I had an old aunt that blamed everything on contrariness! Oh please don' be sad, we love you soooooo much!

I'm here for you, Kit, anytime!

Love and hugs,


Wish I felt better, I'd come up there and drag you out to museums and maybe even a piano bar! ha! One drink and I'd be laying on the piano! ha! We can dream for now!

Gonna send you a private message, so please check!

Hey Kitty,

Do you think maybe a med adjustment? Can you get into the doctor soon? I know exactly how you feel, after dealing with depression just about my entire life.... I've been on ever antidepressant and off-label drug out there. And it's hell when things start to go bad.

I've had a wicked time lately with the meds, bad side effects. Pain like I've never experienced, suicidal, migraines, deeper depression than ever. It's been simmering since April, so I lost the entire summer due to it. I didn't even realize it was the meds until September, when they increased it, and I thought I would die.

Give the doctor a call, see what he says. Hang on Kitty, you're not alone with this, and we are here whenever you feel like bitchin' and moanin', anytime!



Fibrokitty, you're always here for us and now it's our turn to help you.

Depression IS scary. I totally concur with you. I hope you're going to make an appointment to see your doctor or mental health person to assist you now that you know what's up. Depression can strike hard and FAST, crippling you mentally until you get help. I know how scary and overwhelming it is and I'm hoping you can be seen before you get to that level.

Fibrokitty, is your pain level higher lately? That's when I felt my depression increase lately. Maybe there's a connection for you too.

My sympathy is firmly in your corner on this. I hope you get help ASAP. We'll be here for you. If I'm on and you need to talk, please just click on my face on Chat and I'll respond. You don't need to go through this alone. Let us help you during this time until you get back on your feet again. You are not alone!

Hey Renie, if you need someone to chat with when you're feeling this way, please contact me on Chat! I've been there too and am always there to listen and sympathize. And absolutely you too, Fibrokitty! No one deserves to suffer thru depression alone.

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling badly. It is so easy to feel depressed when you feel so badly. I also feel depressed when I have the flareup but I know that I feel depressed only when I have the flareup and it will eventually go away, so I just wait patiently and try to do things that I enjoy - like wacthing a funny movie or reading something enjoyable.

I also try to sleep or play with my cats which seems to help me a lot! Do you have cats you can cuddle with? I've noticed that my cat Ginger's purr is perfectly tuned to soothe my pains, so I hold her close to feel those vibrations - I call it my special vibration therapy! :) If you don't have a cuddly cat, you can just watch them - that's relaxing and they may do something funny!

Oh Fibrokitty

Once you receive the diagnosis of a chronic illness such as fibromyalgia it seems that one or more symptoms become amplified while others become less annoying. But depression is a tough one to deal with. I sometimes feel that my depression is linked to the changing seasons. During winter I have more headaches due to the brightness of the snow and depression can creep in.

Do keep us informed about your depression.......when it gets worse, when it gets better, is this a brief depression? That would certainly be good if it were a brief calling from depressions.

Sharing/Venting with us I believe helps. It's not that we have solutions but the caring of others helps you to remember that you are not alone. Fibromyalgia can be a very lonely illness.

thank you susie ...i needed a good laugh. I would love to have you come to philly...with all the meds we are on, one drink would knock us out!

Thank you so much Renie...I do not know if it is the meds. Ever since I was finally done recovering from all my fractures and starting walking again around June this year, I have not been right. I think I need to get a good pain diary because sometimes it is hard to know pain from depression from regular flu.....

Thank you for the love

Yea pain level is high. But it is the mornings that are bad. I feel great right now but it is 4 am here. It is very strange. I get like this when depressed. I like being up in the middle of the night. Life feels more manageable when the rest of the world is asleep. Does that make sense?


Hi FibroChou....YES i do love to hand out with the cats. They are with me now.

Thankyou Rachel...I think the change in season has a lot to do with it. The barometer going up and down is so hard on our bodies

There are a lot of other triggers too..... the days are getting shorter, it's getting colder (where I am, anyway!), so many things can affect us. After getting out from under the hell that Savella caused me, I'm just waiting for the 2nd whamee from these things.
Don't forget all you've been through, and have rebounded amazingly. You're a tough cookie, you'll get through are a great cheerleader for everyone here, let us cheer for you too.
Or, we can always just commiserate together!

Fantastic therapy FibroChou! Nothing like warm kitty purrs!

SK and I were actually talking about this earlier. As deeply depressed as I can be, when I come here and focus on other people, I can forget my problems and my pain for a while. The support really goes both ways when you participate. I'm glad I have you guys!

Very well said, Rachel.

Thank you Renie,

I realized today that one of the things I do when depressed is to isolate. Do you ever do that? It is almost as if I am trying to act like nothing is wrong, like I do not want to admit I am depressed. Even accepting love and friendship here online is difficult. I feel unloveable. I know it is my mind playing tricks on me, but I think---WHy should these people really care? I am amazed that I feel that way. It never occurred to me in the past that my giving medical advice or supportive words here on this site made any difference to anyone. Thank you for helping me to open up and accept help

Yes it does. It's more peaceful and stress free then. It's like your own little world, all to yourself while everyone else is fast asleep. It DOES hold appeal, I know that it does!

Since your pain is high, again I must wonder if it's pushed your depression level up too. It's worth looking into, Fibrokitty. They do oftentimes go hand in hand.

Yes! I've always felt a gnawing, discontent, disconsolate feeling in my gut when fall arrives. I've never understood why but I think it's like you say, Rachel and Fibrokitty. I think we actually do physically react to the changing seasons. It truly IS depressing to think of winter coming.

Fibrokitty , please vent all you want , depression really stinks ! And it does seem for us that it’s one thing after another , I totally believe that the change in season has some weight on the situation , usually by feb I don’t want to get out of bed , not sure how those eskimo’s can live in Alaska
True story … my brother & sister- inlaw came to visit me in Buffalo from Dallas a few years ago for Christmas , after one week my sister in law said I’m sorry I need to get home, How can you live without seeing the sun for days at a time, she said i don’t suffer from depression ( lucky her ) but my mood without the sun has taken a nose dive , she went on & on about how bad she felt both physically & mentally ( it was a very grey week ) made me realize just how much it does affect us .
Fibro kitty I hope a good dose of sunshine will help , if it’s getting worse please call ur dr
Hugs & blessings