Does Cymbalta really help?

I have been on Cymbalta, off and on (now on for 2.5 years), and I don't know if it works. Still aching. Still stiff. Still sore. Never really thought I was depressed although I do get low, and who wouldn't when they are tired a good percent of the time. My doctor increased me from 30 to 60 about 18 months ago. Is it just that I don't remember what it feels like NOT to be on Cymbalta?

When I forget to take it for a day or run out and don't have energy to get to pharmacy, I get dizzy but can't even tell if aches are worse. What have you experienced with this? I see lots of people are on it, too.

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I have never taken Cymbalta, though I have taken Savella, and I did feel a significant improvement in mood and in pain, however due to a side effect, had to discontinue use.

My Rheumatologist told me that sometimes you just don't realize how much a med is helping you until you discontinue it! I have read that on here or Psoriatic Arthritis, or perhaps even on our Lupus site as well.

In my opinion you really need to discuss this idea with your prescribing Doctor!

All I can really tell you is to be careful what you wish for!!

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I tried it for about a year. I just quit using it because I was still sore and didn’t notice any change.

I would talk to your doc about it. There’s got to be something else that works better for you.

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I joined this group today to ask similar questions. I took Cymbalta for about 3 years and the aches never stopped. I felt like I slowly slid into the drug and didn't realize that it was not helping and possibly hindering me in many ways.

I decided to quit taking it this past summer and weened myself off- I had no ill effects, but I realize that all may not be able to do that without their doctor's input. I felt as if someone had lifted a curtain to reveal my real world. I am aware of many things around me on a more profound level- i.e. things seem brighter. I don't feel like sleeping all the time and my dreams are not as intense. I feel more awake without it!

I am also convinced that years of taking various medications (that were never monitored by a doctor) has caused more problems than they helped. I gained way too much weight which in turn added to my pain level. I could go on and on, but trying to stay on Cymbalta.

I've heard/read of success stories with Cymbalta, but I am not one :(