I just started taking Cymbalta this week. It's wiping me out. For those of you who take Cymbalta: How long does it take to level out?

Hi Mrossteach - I was on Cymbalta until I lost my insurance years ago. It seems that I remember it taking a couple of days to get over the fatigue and a couple of weeks to start feeling better. It worked well for me and I had more energy after I adjusted to it. I did have some irritability but they adjusted my dosage and it worked fine. My problem is that I tend to give up before meds get a chance to get into my system. Try to hang in there and you may like the results after it has a chance to work. Take care - sending Big Hugs...

It took a couple of weeks to get it in my system then I started noticing a change it worked very well for me.

Thanks for the replies. I assumed that it would take a couple of weeks before I would feel better on it. I will tell you that the stiffness in my neck and my shoulders are feeling much much better and for that I am very grateful.

It took me a couple of weeks, but then it was good. I just had to stop taking it because of cost.

It took me a couple of weeks. I also had to change from taking it at night to taking it in the morning. That might be something worth asking your doctor about.



My symptoms improved with Cymbalta, too! It was a significant improvement,, worth letting the body adjust to it. It sounds like you may have found the right med for you, but either need time to adapt or a dose time change. I had a major difference when I switched from bedtime to morning!



Thanks for the info. I too spoke with my pharmacist. I have been on it for about a week and1/2 and am feeling less pain. Today was the first time since I started that I wasn't exhausted. Did a little too much today and totally fizzled out at a chorus rehearsal. I am going to have to pass myself. I'm in it for the long haul.

A few weeks for me. I take it in the am and it seems to work pretty well. I’m on 60 milligrams. I take cymbalta and norco. Seems to be a good combo until I overdo it which is all the time cuz I have to work. lol.

Once again I would like to thank all of you for helping me understand the medicine that I am taking at this time. It’s been over a week and I am starting to get some energy back. I can really enjoy the day but of course by the end of the day I’m pooped. But I have noticed that My MAG is coming back. I seem to be able to function throughout the day and only get pooped by the nighttime. Which is good. I will be going on 60 mg next week. I will take everything that you told me into consideration. Thank you for all of your help.

Cymbalta worked great for my pain! I actually had days where I had no pain at all! I took it for about 45 days and started having side effects, now I am being tapered off of it, and it is very frustrating because it was working for my pain!!

What type of side effects? I was just put. On cymbalta to replace both the fluoxtein and gabbepentin as I have gained 40lbs on the 2 meds.

It worked for me I was starting to feel really good. About 10 days in I started to have one very bad side effect. I started to have Pancreatitis my doctor rushed me to have lab work and it was Pancreatiis and he pulled me off that min.

I am on a small dose while weening off the other depression meds. I sat down after lunch today to rock my grandson to sleep. I actually fell asleep with him, woke up with him 2 hrs later then went back to sleep for another hour This was my normal down day so no biggie, I just can't allow my body to get used to sleeping like this. I need to keep busy! Thank you for the info, sending gentile hugsback to you,