Dont give up! please read this

i just wanted to send a message to everyone on here, please stay strong i know how hard it can be

i know what its like to cry every night

i know what its like to want to give up, i get it

but you know someone loves you, whether you wanna believe it or not someone cares and loves you


everyone on here loves you and cares about you

never give up.

the pain can be unbearable and i know all you think about is death some days but its worth it

one day youre going to wake up and think "wow i feel great today im glad im still here"

imagine how great that will feel and if you give up now you'll never be able to feel that

i love all of you and i want you to know no matter how hard it gets, no matter how much you want to give up never resort to violence, whether it to be others or to yourself.

i understand pain, mental issues and life struggles. ive been trough a lot and i promise you things will get better, people will change becoming more open minded and you should be alive to see it!!!

take a day off and do things YOU enjoy, watch a funny movie, read a book, hang out with your friends. whatever it is you enjoy do it!!!!

this world is a beautiful place i know the pain sometimes make it hard to see but just open your eyes and look past that mask of pain it will be okay and things will get better.

<3 this!!

Dear Aliana,

Thank you so much for sharing this with us! We all need reminders of all of these things! Such wisdom from such a young woman is surely embraced, and I know that you have 'paid' for this wisdom!

I just did something great for myself, I colored my hair and had some great 'soap and water therapy'!

Hugs and best wishes to you and all,


thank youu! xoxo

aw yay! that made my day xoxo

yay! im glad youre having a good day


Aliana, you are a very beautiful spirit. What a lovely letter to have written. I am so impressed with your kindness. Thank you for putting this letter out for those who feel so lost with this illness...and you being the youngest member of all! Yes, you are quite an impressive young lady and I do not believe this illness will keep you down for very long.

Hugs to you, young lady!

Yay!!! Good to hear. Hope you're having a better day today!

thank you! you as well

big hugs right back, hope youre feeling well today!

aw!! thank you so much!!!



We are all here to help you get through this, don''t let anyone or anything take you down, girlfriend!!

Agreed. Aliana, you have a remarkable spirit. Be proud of yourself.

You're right about not giving up, Aliana. I've just had my Lyrica upped to 100 mg instead of 75 mg and it's made a difference in my pain management. I finally feel less pain in my spine. Oh, it's not perfect but I'm not at the same level of pain and fatigue as I was before. I am SO grateful for this unexpected bonus!

On Friday I delivered a meal to an elderly reverend. He said to me, "Do you notice that I'm standing up now?" because he was bedridden before. When I commented on his positive improvement, he said to me, "I'm a millionare. Health-wise." Oh, how I appreciated his comment! Because when your health improves, you DO feel like you've hit the health jackpot! Smart, smart man.

Again, thank you, Aliana, for encouraging hope. I think we all need that message from time to time.

wow! thats amazing i wish i could take lyrica. im unable to because of a side effect of hallucinations.

that reverend is so cool and smart!! thatll be a great way to describe it!

youre welcome xoooxo

Hallucinations are scary, Aliana! I took an anti-anxiety drug once and started having very weird hallucinations that creeped me out. So Lyrica's definitely OUT as a medicine for you.

I also thought the reverend is cool and smart. Absolutely it feels like you're a millionare when your health improves after a bad bout of illness.

Thanks for your well-wishes! I'm very happy to finally have some improvement.

im glad you have improvement as well.

I've gotten a medication for my hallucinations because they never went away after one bad reaction to singular- which i took for my asthma and allergies

xoxo thank you!

You’re really sweet thanks for writing this! It’s so nice to read positive notes of encouragement.

I have bad spine pain as well its like the whole spine how do u deal with it

thank you for writing this. its great to know we r not alone. u r a great person and i hope things r looking up for u i know u have had some battles of your own to fight.