To the Struggling Indivivduals Fighting Fibo

We are the many with a debilitation illness that won't let up and the employment

world that wants to denie us the right to even try to exist in this world of madness

and incompassion of a fellow human. The world is in ah as we battle the pain and

disconnection of the world. There are more compassion for animals than human life.

life. We need to be heard and be sympathetized with. After all everyone is com-

ing out and so should we. We need to be heard and we need the United States

of America not only to listen but empathize with us. Pain is pain and there is no

such thing as in our heads.

Hello Malinda,

I hear you sister! You have that fighting spirit and that is just what you will have to have, if our bodies cannot stay strong then our spirit has to make up for it. This site was began with that very aim in mind, to raise awareness, so tell everyone you know about all of us here at Ben's Friends, have them join for an education, they can be on the friend end of the illness, I spoke to a young man yesterday who joined to support and understand his girfriend's FMS! How wonderful is that?

We are here for you, each and every one of us!


Hi Malinda Cade,

It is funny people say it is not in our heads. Years ago they thought it was in the muscles, tissues or other parts of our body but recently they did find out it is in our heads. The problems are primarily with how our brains function ( The serotonin, the release of cortisol, the gray matter, the pain proccessing, etc.) When people say it is there I say "Yes, our brains are different than the normal, brain do you want to know?" However I am clear about saying "it is not imaginary, there is science/research that proves it."