Thanks fot all of the upbeat help

I have just been in a funk. Money issues, not able to get my meds refilled. I am filling out the forms to get on the drug programs this week. Lori does sick up for me with her family, I jsut wish her Dad would quit being the know it all. "if you would just get up and do stuff and work you would feel better. Yeah right. If I can wake up early in the morning it wakes about an hour to get limbered up and my mind unfogged to know what is going on. Even doing something I love to do like hunting or fishing, I only can last about 4 hours max. Then It takes a day or two recover from a short hunting/fishing trip. I am looking for new hunting buddies at this time. I have a few old hunting buddies that I still hunt and fish with. I just don't do it I like I used to do. I have Learned my limitations, some of my buddies can deal with it and some who can'd. So hoping to find a few new buddies. I was just trying to get the point across that you will have family and friends who will bail out on you, so don't be surprized if it happens. It's there lose not yours. You have to have surround yourself with people who support you on your good days and your dad ones. I am hope SWIRCA will be able to help get some programs going for us to make our lives easier. Will keep everyone up to date it.


Brian and Lori

Oh Brian, if we could all count the times and people who've said this to us! "Just get up and get busy blah blah blah." Yeah, right, whatever. They mean well but they don't have the slightest clue, lucky them. How can you understand the awful pain and fatigue if you don't suffer from it?

If you find yourself refusing to get up and go out and do the things you love, or just doing them for a few hours and then being in pain for days later, then you know you aren't full of BS, you know darned well that it's real and impacting your life and your family should know it too. If you look into a person's eyes you can SEE how they feel. You can SEE the fatigue or pain. Why don't other people LOOK in our eyes to see?

Hi...I just thought I would comment. It's really hard to deal with people who have knowledge deficit regarding fibromyalgia. For them it is "if they can't see it, then it doesn't exist." I agree with Petunia. You can see pain and illness in someone's eyes. Maybe some people want to deny that your symptoms are real (subconsciously) because that would mean that the possibility of them developing fibro would be real too. Who knows? Look at the bright side, most fibro sufferers are told all the time but "you look good! I'll just take the compliment and say thank you, and let them think whatever they want.


I know all too well of those people who do not "get us" and think that it's all in our heads. My Mom is this way..She tells me to go out, get a job and I would feel better. ( in addition I would not have had to have asked for a loan a few days ago ). I tell my mom that " my rheumatologist gave me disabled parking permit form. Do you think my doctor is lying too?? "

A doc is not going to sign one of those unless it is REALLY needed....I love to fish...I miss is too. I went last week and stayed about 3 hours, which just felt wonderful in my soul. There are so many things I miss...I don't like to think about what all I am missing due to FM.

I wish you and others all the best on each day...

Gentle hugs,


Just reread my comment and saw all of the type o's. I guess thats what happens when you start to get foggy and trying to type and keep a train of thought going. I know I was trying to reply to someone's post, just could not figure out how to get there. The SWIRCA- south west indiana region on the coucil of the aging, is sending someone out for a home visit to see how I live daily and how dirty the house is and whatever. Don't know what all they will be looking at. This month it has just poured. If one thing could go wrong it has. The hot water heater went out, $800, cause I just could not do it myself, Lori is in a wedding, $300, for dress, fitting, shoes, hair, and nails, and she has to pay for her own meal at the rehearsle dinner, that's BS. We paid for our rehearsal dinner and had pizza. Nobody seemed to mind. The church is in the middle of BFE, and we only have 1 car, so Lori's parents are going to give me a ride. Next month she gets 3 pays so we can catch up. Also Walgreens has a coupon for $25 for each transfered rx by 7/31/12. So going to borrow money to get my rx filled and get a bunch of $25 gift cards. Have found a few coupons for the gift card that expire 9/30/12. Want to find enough of those so I don't have to borrow any money. So check your adds for those coupons. I can always use a few $25 gift cards for milk and what not. The sun is shinning again, just had a few days that the clouds were looking very dark, stormy, and over whelming. Its part of my depression that I get from my Mom and from being in pain for the last 10+ years and slowly losing my mind. Thanks for all of the support, caring, and understanding. This site has saved my life, because for the last couple of years I did not care one way or the other. Wow that felt weird typing that out, seems like my shoulders are lighter.