Suggestions from friends and family

I’m getting tired of people telling me what would make me feel better. I’m in the middle of a flare up of pain in my chest and legs with fibrofog to boot. My friends and family keep telling me “just get up and exercise, you’ll feel better.” Right now I don’t feel like I can get up and exercise. I’m dizzy and pain is shooting through my body. They don’t seem to understand that I know I need exercise, sometimes it’s just hard to do. I’m sick of people who don’t really understand what is going on with me telling me what I SHOULD do.

Anybody else? I’m depressed and their “help” is not helping.

Boy I hear you. people have been trying to Fix me forever. It was not until I was in my 40’s and painting a room with my mom that she finely got it. I sat down on a stool and fell asleep, loudly snoring with a paint wet paint brush in my had. I woke up when she tried to remove the paint brush. She said wow something really is the mater with you.

I have to just ignore others and experiment with my self to see what works for me. Some days I can walk a mile. Some days I know the best I can to is one down ward facing dog. I just grin and say thank you, they really just cannt get it because they do not have it. On good days I am glad they do not understand how I feel. I would not wish this on anyone.