Dripping wet from sweat... In a meat locker

Today I was working in a VERY cold room, other folks were wearing coats and hats. I was talking to someone, and all the sudden felt really hot, like I was in an oven. I never sweat even when exercising. The back of my shirt was drenched, and it was really embarrassing. My hip area started to hurt,like I was being stabbed. I started to get worried that my kidneys were going bad or something.

I checked with my coworker to make sure the room was cold. I started to become afraid that I was getting sick. I know we have talked about head sweating and Cymbalta. Right now I’m on Lyrica and Savella. I read that Savella can cause sweating.

Just wondering if others have had this before, and if it sounds like menopause or a drug reaction or ?? I’m 39 so it’s possible that it is hormones. I hope it’s something that goes away as I taper off Savella. Any thoughts??

Well i've never taken the Savella but i have had a total hyst. and I have hot flashes, what you describe sounds like one but it may be meds. Your bodys reaction to having less. Cymbalta did the head sweating to me bad. I never felt like it did anything for me so I stopped taking it. I stopped most of the sweating, but the hot flashes start like in my body and head up to my face. At work it can be 68 degrees and im still hot. In my room at home you can hang meat!! lol its nice and cool in here. My husband would like it to be a little warmer but I can't stand to be hot.

It lasted for 3 hours. Is that a hot flash if it lasts so long?

I've had them last for a while some times up to an hour but not 3.

I've never had a hot flash that lasted that long, but Tramadol will give me sweats especially in the head area. Check the side effects on all your meds if you haven't already. Savella is known to cause sweats.

I am long past the 'hot flushes' stage and was only taking codydramol for pain from spondylitis and suddenly started to literally drip with sweat. I also have times when I am freezing cold. After telling him of these episodes and other syptoms that I had accumulated and how embarrassing the 'sweats' were, Dr diagnosed FM and tells me that this is quite common with FM. Congratulations! You now have another symptom to deal with! LOL

Hi Sunny, I had a total hyst young too, perhaps you should talk to your ob/gyn about a hormone patch, see what they say!

Oh, the wonderful joys of fibro!

Seriously, though, maybe you should ask your doctor about this. It does seem like a long time to have a hot flash.

No kidding, huh? Well, you've educated us today.

What a pain in the...head.

There's a Lyme Disease blood test that's simple and fairly quick with results. My sister had the test and the disease. If you have questions, it's worth looking into.

Oh yeah, this is true, the one test is only 30-something percent accurate. It did catch my sister's case though, and she'd only had it for two weeks.

Yes, it's not a stretch to think that your fibro could, in fact, be Lyme Disease. i had no idea how tiny ticks could be (as small as the dot made from a pen tip.) It would be very easy to be bit and not notice the bite unless you were fortunate enough to see the bullseye rash. My sister had the rash and didn't even notice it until the doctor brought it to her attention.

So yes, it's worth looking into. I'm not quite sure what treatment would be for long-term Lyme Disease but man, it would be great if you could get it out of your system, if you have it.

Please keep us posted on the results, once you get it.

Sunny, I'm not sure if this relates to your situation or not but I sweat profusely when i sweat. I don't get the sweats in cold places but when it's hot I have sweat poring from my hair and forehead, so it drips down into my eyes, and I get huge stains under the arms. Much more so than other people. So I dunno, maybe it is a fibro thing?

I was tested for Lyme last week. Waiting for the results. Have an appt with a Lyme dr next week. I want to pursue the advanced testing to rule out Lyme. My annual visit to the ob/gyn is in two weeks so will get hormone testing done.

Trying to cover all the bases!

What is the name of the advanced test? Now I'm curious.

I don't know whether to say good luck or not, Sunny. Don't know if Lyme Disease would be a better dx or not if a lot of time has passed. But...good luck!


Above find a link with interesting info on Lyme.

From Mayo clinic, tests for Lyme:



Sunflower, were you on your fentanyl When the sweating occurred? I can be in a air conditioned room but for some reason I will just start sweating profusely! I mean you’ve turned the hose on and hung it over my head dripping. It typically happens shortly after I’ve entered the room and last for about 2 hours. And then the worse part of it is now I’m drenched in my own sweat with the air conditioning on, and I’ve wiped every bit of make up off my face and have raccoon eyes because I’ve smudged all my eyeliner and mascara. Yeah not such a Purdy site! So now not only am I wet but cold and wet! It will also happen if I am doing chores or working at the games. And that’s awful and I always hope it gets over before the doors open and fans start pouring in.