Dry raw mouth, hard swallowing, even bottom of feet erogenous, lots of kicking in dreams

Dry mouth really bad, cut back on Cymbalta. Mouth puckering and raw, tongue feel like sandpaper rubbed on it. Teeth too sharp, fill mouth, bitting cheeks, tongue feels too big. Using Biotene, no avail. Hard to swallow but not to breathe. Air feels cold in throat and down airway. Any air near mouh causes more dryness. Drinking, not dehydrated. Cut out all things acidic and citrus acid (even diluted Gatorades).

I feel turned on all the time, even the bottom of my feet feel like they are orgasmic, need to have that orgasmic spasm in them. Started taking Diazepam, to compensate from Cymbalta which causes dry mouth and for muscle relaxant. More saliva but not enough.

I am miserable physically. Skin very dry. Never had this. Feel like something strangling me, voice raspy.

Does anyone recognize what is going on? Had fibro for about 7 years now and first time like this. Took Cymbalta for number of years and never this bad. Taking 20 mg of Cymbalta now. Going to dr. this week if possible. Skin in big flare-up, almost painful to be stroked. Kicking husband every night cause of dreams, even screamed a few times (know am processing severe wkplc abuse issues). HELP- any advice appreciated.

I use Biotene as well, should help a little, here is the reason I use their products, and eye drops by the gallon!

http://www.sjogrens.org/home/about-sjogrens-syndrome/symptoms Of course you know that I am not a Dr, and not trying to make a Diagnosis, but something worth checking into and asking about! I 'm not feeling orgasmic, even with opiods or Valium!

Thought about seeing an endocrinologist? http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/endocrinologist

I had restless leg, this is what my DC gave me and it worked


Linda, now you know that i'm not a Dr, no diagnosing going on, just thinking out loud, something for ou to talk to your Doc about, ask him about possible hormone impablanc while you're there! Can't hurt! Hope you can get through this, girl! Plenty of us here for you!



I looked up side effects for diazepam and found this:


Gastrointestinal effects include constipation, gastrointestinal disturbances, and nausea. Changes in salivation have also been reported including dry mouth and hypersalivation.


Genitourinary effects such as sexual dysfunction, incontinence, changes in libido, and urinary retention have been reported.


Psychiatric side effects have included stimulation, restlessness, acute hyperexcited states, anxiety, agitation, aggressiveness, irritability, rage, hallucinations, psychoses, delusions, insomnia, sleep disturbances, and nightmares. Inappropriate behavior and other adverse behavioral effects have been reported when using benzodiazepines.

Thus, dry mouth, sleep disturbances and changes in libido can be attributed to the diazepam. I'm not a doctor so don't know if that's what's going on with you so I suggest that you ask your doctor if it's a possibility.

PS: Just saw that swelling of the tongue is also a dangerous side effect that can occasionally occur!

I had similar problems last year - for your first paragraph anyway. I carry water with me all day to sip on constantly. I was diagnosed with LPR, a type of acid reflux that irritates your throat. I never feel heartburn, just sore throat and post-nasal drip like I have a cold or something. The Biotene mouth spray helps some. I'm also taking a prescription for Salagen which helps with dry mouth.

Do you get white spots in your mouth? Could be thrush - oral yeast infection. Avoid sugary drinks and foods and starchy foods. Eat unsweetened yogurt or something with the live cultures. Definitely talk to your doctor about it. Dry mouth isn't just annoying - it can lead to problems with your teeth.

Hi Pet-

started diazepan and got saliva. Minimal size effects, taken before. Desperate to stop muscle spasms and worked. Better than Cymbalta. Kicking husband with Cymbalta- known side effect.

Linda, the side effects of most meds is dry mouth so that is partly why we must drink lots of water. When I wake up in the night, my mouth is often dry so I drink a whole glassful of water and then go back to sleep.

I really don't think cutting back on the amount of Cymbalta is going to help your problem and I would never do that without talking to my doctor. I think you need to discuss this whole matter with your doctor and see what he suggests.

Hi, yes this is a neurological condition.
Have you read Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, A Framework for Fibromyalgia Management for Primary Health Care Providers, Mayo Clin Pro.2012 May;87 (5) 488,About.com June 9th
At last there is some explanation, somehow it helps to know that it’s not all in our heads.These people are at last catching on. What can you do? I don’t know, but I have had the trouble swallowing, biting cheeks and tongue,I’ve woken up unable to swallow it happens when I lie on my back, I have to get out of bed and stand up otherwise my saliva stops me from breathing, in fact that is what wakes me up.My dry skin was caused by my under active thyroid that goes with fibromyalgia.I’ve had fibromyalgia for 7years also.Skin always painful to be touched.No real advice, sorry, But take care and be kind to yourself. Barb

Barb, Liz: Use Biotene, some help. Also use Sensadyne toothpaste. No thrush. Had acid reflux for years- taking med for that. Hard to swallow but not breathe. Right ear hurts- wonder if this is related (when started) to when I had that epi injection for tooth work. Could there be an infection in jaw. All skull hurts when pressed, feel it in jaw. Husband thinks jaw out of alignment.

Are there any side effects to meds for more saliva? Does anyone think that it is related to sitting in room with CLEAN fans blowing to keep cooler. First time this has happened for so long- no other variables that I have not had before in my life. More stress maybe.

Water doesn't help, peaches/honeydew/even yogurt seems to take coating off sides of mouth so more dry but tastes good at the time. Snack pak pudding coats for short time. Can't eat most of food I could 2 months ago. All oily things good cause they coat. Teeth even hurt and when I sneeze I feel it in the right ear.

SEEING DR. this week if I can get in otherwise next week.

Linda, could the side effects be different this time? Is that possible for different side effects from the same drug during different times of taking it?

Kicking husband with Cymbalta - known side effect to cause unhappy husband.

I wish I had something more to offer in terms of suggestions but I truly haven't a clue!

Yeah, I'm wondering if the epi injection is the cause. Possibly the fibro has caused an over reaction to the injection? It's certainly coincidental that so many of your symptoms are in or around the mouth.

The kicking could be fibro related, Linda. I know my arms and legs jump when I'm lying down and close to/in sleep.

Could you have psoriasis in regards to the skin? Even a small patch? I know that it can make the skin dry and painful. Not any sort of expert on it, just a suggestion.

Linda, Barb here I’ll look up Biotene but it may be called something else in Oz. I also use sensodyne and since I’ve had Fibromyalgia have had lots of gum infections, all that seems to go with the territory so does jaw pain.Take Care. B

I had the problem with the bone dry mouth. So embarassing when talking, my lips would get stuck on my teeth. Tried some Biotene rince from my dentist, but you can get it ovet the counter. Its been amazing! One minty swish for 30 seconds in the morning and no more desert mouth for the entire day! And you can actually use it up for 5 times a day.

The only time I've felt the strangled feeling like you describe was the last time I used amoxicillin. I had taken it all my life for various bronchits stuff. Just the last time I connected the strangling feeling to occurring shortly after taking a pill. Could you be having a reaction to something? It can happen even with foods or drugs or substances you've used all your life. Just a thought.

I'm not famililar with wkpic abuse. However, I developed a movement disorder they called myoclonus a couple years ago. At first they thought it was Restless leg syndrome, but have now finally listened and realized the severe kicking and leg flinging are something completely different, hence the myoclonus diagnosis. Anyway, it happens almost every night, but when I'm emotionally charged, either with joy or unpleasant emotions at a high level during the day, my movements at night are horribly worse.

I see a psychotherapist for my PTSD symptoms, which worsen with a lack of sleep, but its been so helpful with everything. Sometimes I have good results if I just write everthing I did or what happened in the day, or thoughts, just anything on my mind, until I get tired or run out of things. Those nights I often don't kick so much and I sleep better. NOt always, but enough to keep trying it.

This is a really good post. I never once thought of the physical effects of PTSD on our bodies. Even during our sleep cycle. I think you are really onto something. I think that PTSD and lack of sleep are big players in the fibro puzzle. Just the thought of your leg kicking being reduced when you write down what happened during your day is fascinating. It's like your mind got enough stress out of the way to be calm enough to sleep properly. Fascinating stuff.

I really like the Biotene suggestion. It'd be nice to not be dry mouthed all day. And it's odd because I have tons of saliva on either side of the mouth but the middle is so dry.

Yeah, I also wonder if Linda's experiencing side effects from a drug. You're right, reactions (and even allergies) can spring up at any time of your life.

Hi- Use Biotene spray during day and mouthwash at night to prevent thrush. Doesn't help with dry mouth. No new drugs so can't think of allegy issues or side effect issues. Drier weather but shouldn't make a difference, used to that.

Kicking definitely connected to dreams. I physically kick due to the vivid dream- each time trying to get away. PTSD- yep, working with therapist. Also journaling dreams. At first kicking was anger, now it is more proactive, me pushing away rather than taking the abuse (Wkpl verbal abuse, severe in 2010 and 2011).

Dry mouth now turning into raspy voice. Some stuffy nose but nothing when blow nose. Coughing but more of a spasm. Swallowing still difficult. All fruits seem to strip moisture and coating from inside mouth. Mouth feels like inside is puckering up. Tongue sticks to bottom of mouth and curls upward and down toward bottom unless I make it stay flat. Spasms??????

Paragraph 3 - still sounds like silent reflux to me. http://www.webmd.com/heartburn-gerd/guide/laryngopharyngeal-reflux-silent-reflux