Exercising with pain

I am on weight watchers and while this is working well I needed to add some cardio activity. I pulled out my old exercise bike and started riding it. While it seamed to be working my back and hips were screaming at me. So, I went out and got a recumbent bike. Wonderful. I could sit back and have minimal back pain and the only reason I had to stop was to take care of my kids. But, now I’m in a flare and it’s bothering my legs to even walk, so I haven’t been on my bike. What do you do when you get like this? Do you try to push through, or try to wait it put? I feel bad cause I’m not excercising but I can’t imagine getting on the thing when the stairs make me want to cry. Thanks.

Hi Rebecca,

I did exactly this to myself in October 2011. I dreaded my stairs for days and swore off exercise. I was in pain for weeks. I just started walking again but I am going real slow, 20 minutes. Wait a few days to see how my body responds and then push a little more, maybe 10 more minutes. It has been a month now and I have not had any relapses so far. My last walk was for an hour with a break in between.

Thanks so much dozed. I can honestly say I thought and hoped you would respond when I posted this.

Hi Rebecca,
First I want to congratulate you on joining weight watchers! I would love to chat offline about how that is working for you.

Last summer I joined a gym and hired a personal trainer. I completely overdid it and eventually this led to a flare up. I also tried physical therapy and was really prone to overdoing it on the bike and flaring up. So I would definitely recommend starting slow and following Dozer’s recommendations. :). One thing that has worked well for my joints is walking laps in a warm pool. I then sit in the hot tub to relax my muscles. Sometimes I’m only able to walk 10 minutes but it really seems much more gentle than other exercise. I also seem less likely to flare up.

Again, congrats on the weight loss! :slight_smile:

Thanks sunny. The weight watcher is doing very good it is defiantly worth doing cause it works. I think swimming would be wonderful excersise for me but I can’t really go with my 2 little ones and it is apparently really hard to find a baby sitter. Hope you are doing well.

I have been working out 5 days a week since Jan…the last two months I started a job that requires a lot of body work and my body during exercise was not responding well so I stopped for two weeks and began a less strenuous workout. 3 days a week now. Less body weight and now a added 30 mins on the treadmill running to get my heartrate up as before I js used body weight exercises…listen to your body and go slow. Be sure to stretch…yoga is great and just take ur time.