Extreme fatigue and constant sleep problems

I appreciate thus is by know means an easy solution. I had fibro fog daily but that is nothing compared to my max of 3-4 hrs sleep every night. Quite often I just won’t sleep. This has a huge ripple effect on my family and my mental health (I have MDD).
My Psychatrist is very concerned about this but as we all know most meds are short term. I have tried acupuncture etc.
Personally you know, I just don’t care about addiction right now as this is driving me crazy.
Anyone with ideas or had similar things happen?

Hi, Lawrence.
I am glad to know you were able to find a service to help with your withdrawal. Proper sleep is very important for this condition. For anxiety and sleep issues, as well as pain management, have you considered meditation and mindfulness relaxation techniques or any gentle aerobic exercise like swimming? A whole body approach to managing your Fibro overall is ideal. There are some sleep medications that are considered non habit forming you can discuss with your GP such as Amitryptiline or perhaps even bring this up with the folks at DART. Keep us updated on your progress. You aren’t alone in this. Glad you found us.

Thanks BaltimoreBaby. …oh and what a supercool username!