Found a good Fibro specialist

I started seeing Dr. Daniel Dantini in Palm Coast, FL. He's an ENT but also suffers from FMS/CFS and has been successfully treating himself as well as many other people. He ran extensive blood work and found I had a severe vitamin D deficiency, Epstein-Barr and Parvo. I'm on several supplements and antiviral meds. Plus he recommended dietary changes. The most noticable change so far (it's only been a few weeks) is my sleep - I feel like I'm sleeping better at night. He said that people with chronic fatigue have their sleep cycles "upside down" - we don't make melatonin at night so the best sleep we get is during our naps during the day (when I tend to crash). I now take melatonin at night before I go to bed. I'm still taking a nap but I'm off of the stimulant I was taking to keep me awake during the day (it didn't work well anyway).

He has a website and does consultations via phone. He has helped other people I know and I'll keep you posted on how I do too. This isn't a cure but it may make living with FMS/CFS easier (I hope).

More Hope! thank you, keep us posted on your progress. will you share the dietary changes?

I'm supposed to be eating gluten and corn free. No potatoes (except sweet potatoes), no onions, no tomatoes. No dairy or sugar either. Very hard diet to stick to. I try but it's not easy when there's others in the house who eat differently.

gluten free is sooo dang hard to do! I did that for my son in the '90s to try to help him with ADHD... i don't rmember if it helped the ADHD, but i remember him not eating much and me being crazy trying to convert my kitchen to gluten free!

GF is not as difficult now. there are a lot of GF products available at regular grocery stores - it used to be that you had to go to health food stores to find these products. I find it hard to stick to this regimin because there's often potato or corn starch in GF products off the shelves. Also sugar is in everything. I love tomatoes and refuse to give these up. I try to just do GF.

I hadn't heard that about melatonin before. My doc has me on sleep medication because he recognized I need much more and better sleep than I had been getting. Plus my anti-migraine medicine makes me a bit dopey (dopier?!). But is the melatonin helping with the fibro? I used to take it years ago to help w/sleep, before I got fibro. Maybe I should try that again instead of sleeping pill.