Diet and Fibro?

Hello All,

I am new to the Forum and am happy to be here.

I have been sick since august and now they are just saying its Fibro and CPS. I truely feel like there is something more to it but we cant figure it out yet!!! That something triggered this!

In the mean time I need to learn to cope and survive.

Any thoughts on diet and how it relates to fibro?

Dairy is a no no since I found it was allergic last july and being a vegetarian did a lot of damage as the high Carb intake was a trigger.

Just wodering what everyone else is doing!?

Triggers, best foods, patterns, ect?

Also.... Iv been so tired and fatigued that I havent been cooking like I used to.

Sometimes I cant even grocery shop or prep because I am so tired and hands are so swollen.

Iv leaned on ready to eat foods or getting takeout but I know its not the greatest.

Tips would be great!

Thank you!


I've reduced carbs drastically and I have been doing so much better. I still have to be careful not to push myself into a flare. My snacks are now sunflower seeds, almonds and pistacio nuts. And occasionally dark chocolate with 70% plus cocoa. If I do carbs I try to do them with my am meal or lunch, but try to avoid carbs at dinner. I have been better. Hasn't been a cure for me, but does help. I also take probiotics, VIt B with folate, magnesium and omega fish oil. The only other medicine I take is levothyroxine. I couldn't take the savella. I think its best if we stay away from anything with preservatives, artificial sweeteners or anything processed. That is not an easy thing to do. I do keep boiled eggs in the fridge for a quick protein if Im not able to prepare a meal which is often. Hope you find what helps you.

I can't add anything to the great suggestions you've already gotten. I just wanted to say Welcome. This is a wonderful site where everyone is willing to help and give you support. Be well

Welcome Cola. I am glad you joined our fabulous community here. I see there have been many awesome suggestions given to you already, how wonderful. One thing I do is when I cook I always make more than what is needed for the meal that way I have leftovers, either for the next day or so or meals for the freezer. I make sure I package the food in containers that can go from freezer to microwave. I also make sure I freeze in portion sized amounts. This helps me to avoid some of the ready to eat meals that can be highly processed. I usually do a bigger cooking fest on the weekend, so I can rest more if needed after exerting myself. For example, I make a pot of steel cut oats on a Sunday and store the cooked oats in the fridge, they last me the full week. In the morning all I have to do is scoop some out, mix with milk (my preference) and microwave it, and with a hard boiled egg, I am ready for the day. I haven’t found to many food triggers for myself, but red wine is a definite no-no. And I seem to do better on smaller meals, being too full I think adds stress on the body. I hope you find the answers you are seeking regarding your diagnosis. Big hugs to you!

Hi Cola

I try and eat small meals during the day i have trouble with my sugars being to low. I cut back on caffine and it helped alot. I also try and stay away from eating out and processed foods. Some insurances will pay for you to see a ditician.

Rest is also important and trying to exercise. Try and find some thing to help with stress yoga meditation your religious beliefs.

Take time for your self even if its only a couple of minutes a day.

Thanks for the suggestion!
As someone requested: my symptoms…go on for miles but some majors include
Pain In my head neck and back
Swollen hands
Tingling and numbness in hands feet and sometimes face
Blurred vision sometimes
Intolerant to extreme temps
Bladder issues
Major GI issues which causes trouble with eating
My stomach often will swell, become bloated, I get constipated easily, and have pains when eating at times, sometimes I vomit after eating or get prematurely full…but yet I can’t lose weight…it’s weird

I often try to make at least one meal a day liquid to be easier on my Gi track
I try to make green smoothies for breakfast when I can

I also have this vegan ready to drink protein drink I like to reach towards. I just picked some again(it’s hard to find). If I do the math I spend $3-4 on a premade shake or even a frozen meal but spend 10-12 on eating out…l it’s stupid that I don’t get prepared even if it’s just shakes and frozen meals…

I wanted to do meal prep Sunday really fbad but my hands were so swollen I couldn’t…
And I was so tired I barely made it to sangha and back…slept the rest of the day.

I’ve taken up swimming since about March and it helps when I can go.
They just gave me a write up for water aerobic physical therapy.

I’d love to find a dietician too!!

Thanks all!

You want to aim for an alkaline diet. Lots of veggies and low citrus fruits. Have a juicer? Green juice is great for calming down cellular inflammation, which is a trigger for autoimmune responses. Whole grains. Omega 3 fatty acids are anti inflammatory, but getting one not polluted or stale is a trick. Treat yourself to your favorite foods once in a while, you can't be stressing about your food and not enjoying it. Positive emotions are the best way to reduce inflammation as well. avenk- I feel you're so right about stress! Get good sleep, as a priority too!

I completely understand the sleep aspect.
Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t get it…
Last night was date night and while watching a movie at home I realized I just wanted to sleep alone that night. I had been exhausted and emotional all day… He never even asked how my appointment with my rhue. Went…
I asked him if he would go home after the movie and not sleep over…he got really upset and said he felt like there was something going…but there really wasn’t… He left before the end of the movie and barely have me a hug goodbye. I went to sleep immediately and slept pretty well but I haven’t heard from him since…
It’s so hard when your loved ones don’t understand…
I need someone whose going to be understanding, patient, and compassionate…
I’m not sure what to do know /:

Hiya Cola!

You've been given a lot of great tips already! I don't want to overwhelm you with too much more so I'll summarized what I did that has helped me.

When I was diagnosed a year ago I had a LOT of GI problems as well. My doctor put me on an elimination diet and slowly over time I found out what were my trigger foods and what I could tolerate. I keep a medical journal and make notes of what works and doesn't work, then periodically review it to see if there's something I need to change.

As far as cooking goes, my crockpot is my friend. Load it up, go off and do whatever for 6-8 hours and BAM! Meals for days! I would suggest spacing out the meal prep, giving yourself ample breaks in between, then load up the crockpot and let it make easier meal-making magic!

Also - there's some companies out there, like Relay Foods, that will deliver organic produce to your door. It is a little pricey, so investigate and see if it's available (or similar service) and would work for you. But that's another alternative as well.

I've found that trying to stick as close to nature helps for the most part. Although, some things still give me problems in their natural form - like unfermented soy. Can't have edamame (problems for DAAAAYS) but miso soup is ok. *shrugs shoulders*

Hope this helps!