Extreme, immediate reaction to pain or stress- anyone else?

Last week at the dentist I suddenly started shaking badly, got nausiated, dizzy and weak when he injected whatever they use to numb an area before working on it. I took potassium, a diazepam and compazine immediately and they gave me 10 minutes for them to take effect. The symptoms stopped. I wasn't afraid of the shot but I don't like having to go to the dentist. It really took both my husband and me by surprise.

Another time, during an EDD hearing I broke into hysterical crying. I went into a flare-up when people lied about me which I expected them to do. My emotional reaction was scary. I cried for 3 days including 2 nights when sleeping. Valium did nothing to stop it. My husband worked reflexology points which helped as did just sleeping, being in bed watching TV (while crying) and having my cats sit near me.

Anyone have a story to share and what they did to control the situation?

I dunno, this may be a dumb comparison, Linda, but this past week I just got a current tetanus shot and it stung like MAD. I don't remember it hurting like that the last time I got it a few years back. I even started to write a thread, "Does Fibro Make Shots Hurt Worse?" then I thought I was just being a baby and shelved it. But maybe I wasn't as far off as I thought. And I also had a racing heart when I last had dental work done in February, which was new to me. So I think, yeah, it's possible that we do have unusual reactions to usual medical situations.

As for the other situation, you were probably stressed to the gills, tired and in pain. It's not really a surprise that you'd break down when people that you trusted didn't treat you well. I mean, that sounded like a very volatile situation. Not pleasant at all. The length of your reaction does sound kind of long, so maybe it's time to revisit your doctor? Do you do anti=depressants? Are you opposed to doing them? I don't know if they would be appropriate or not but maybe your doctor could help you with that question.

I hope you don't find yourself in such a precarious situation again. Hopefully all of your hearings are over with, you get approved for SSDI and you can move on to a more peaceful phase in your life.

I take a B12 shot once a month. It is a tiny needle that doesn’t hurt. But I started having this pain reaction after the shot. The pain spreads through my body kinda like the warmth spreads through your body after you do a shot of tequila. It’s just not as fun!

You should ask the doc if this is normal or not. I'm quite curious. I'd like to know if fibro is doing this to us or not. Weird, isn't it?

Sounds almost like an allergic reaction. I don’t remember what it is/was but I started shaking, sweating, and naudiated to no end when they gave me the initial shot for my surgery. They told me it was an allergic reaction.
Have you been overwhelmed lately going into any medical procedure stressed can wreak havoc on your CNS. MB. I get lidocaine/ B12 shots once month however, I get a lot of them. I get TPI’s which consist of about 16 shots in my neck,shoulder blades, clavical, arms and legs. Then one in each bicep, forarms, inner knees, outter knees, 3in each calfs, I also get 5across my lower back. And three in each hip. I feel like a pin cushion by the time I Am done. However I don’t have any knots for 3-5 days. Alrighty well its taken me about 20 mins to complete this post cuz I keep dozing off.

Love ya all Punkin

Hi Linda,

The episode at the dentist sounds like a reaction to the injection. Those symptoms you had are common with drug reactions. And the meds they gave you do treat drug reactions: Valium to prevent seizures, compazine for the nausea, and potassium to prevent heart problems. It is important to find out what was in that injection and let any dentist or doc know you have a prob with that med.

The other incident sounds like an acute psychotic episode. I have seen things like this when i was practicing physician assistant and did some work in psychiatry. I really think you should see a psychiatrist. It does not seem to me that stress itself would cause such a reaction. I hope you do not find this offensive. Some people do not like to talk about maybe having a psychiatric disorder. I just do not want to see you suffer needlessly.


Maria, am I wrong to think that any dentist worth his salt would inform you that you just had a reaction to the meds, so you'd know for the future? It seems a little concerning to me if her dentist just gave her treatment and sent her on her way without informing her of something so important, especially as it could happen to her again.

I had the same reaction from the anesthesia at the dentist. It turned out that I have allergy or sensitivity to epinephrine. I had horrible heart palpitations, dizziness, sweating, difficulty breathing, weakness, teeth chatter, shaking right after the injection - I started crying because I thought I was dying and it was very scary! You may have an allergy or sensitivity. You can ask your dentist to use an anesthesia without epinephrine.

My father is a dentist but I am still afraid to go for some reason. I take Xanax about an hour before the appointment and then again 30 min beforehand, and again if needed. If I don’t do this then I’m a nervous wreck. I don’t know anything about allergic reactions, but it sounds like you may have anxiety like I do?

The other thing you could do is take a Benadryl before you go next time. That might help on top of taking all the great suggestions offered by everyone. Best of luck - xx sunny

Dear Linda,

So sorry that you had such a bad experience. In general I don't do well at the dentist, and also find it helpful to take all my meds and a valium, and it is best someone drives me!

Back to the hypersensitivity, physically and emotionally, seems we all have it to some degree.

I think we get to the point of the crying fits due to all we deal with daily, and how we push, and push, and push. Just dealing with pain, much less life's stresses is waring. I go through these phases, and they are always related to a bad reaction, or just exhausted from pain. It seems like sometimes it is just the last straw! The crying seems to be a release, I get to the point where I can cry over a stupid TV commercial!

Fibro Kitty is the expert here, though she is not practicing, she is always full of wisdom and compassion, I always read her posts at least twice!

So glad you came to us, we are always here to support you, are always pulling for you!



Omg Petunia,

I have had a few injections and blood tests since the fibro and I have to tell the nurses to be really "gentle". They still hurt like you want to turn into the hulk or something. I can feel a psycho building up inside lol. Horrible! I try to be a happy go lucky person, but this just does something else! Glad we understand each other


Hi Linda,

I know how you feel. It's probably what I've learned as panic disorder. I have very similar experiences too and it really flares up the fibro too.

I had a medical assessment recently fo my disability and I knew the doctor was going to write a bs report because I'd heard so much about this disgusting system we have in England now. As soon as he knocked on the door I cried non-stop until after he left and until the next morning. This is just one example.

I've had panic attacks but this disorder describes attacks that are a little different and come on without expectation like you would get from a normal panic attacks. They aren't always triggered by a huge shock, but from a less stressful event. They are awful though, don't get me wrong. And they last a lot longer too.

I guess you have pretty severe anxiety like me too and after a while your body just gets used to living in this state that it reacts to the slightest of worries in a massive way. It makes us look like we're exaggerating it and "dragging it out", but it's just the way our bodies have become accustomed to reacting to stress and pain etc.

I am seeing a therapist on the 28th for Cogninitve Behaviour Therapy for anxiety / depression etc and I think it may help. You should look into getting more help for this too. Im glad you have some diazepam as this will help. Maybe, when you think that you are getting into a stressful situation you could take one beforehand. The psychotherapy will help you long term though and hopefully get you to be able to cope with these situations without medication in the future.

Good luck with this. I know how awful it can be.


Upon thinking of this, I had an extreme reaction to the myleogram where they numb you (supposedly) and harpoon the afflicted area with dye to take the x-rays, part of the problem with all of these injections and dentist work is that they can never seem to get me numb! What a pain experience all of that is! It is a wonder I don't have those pain management needles broken off inside me, the way I have jumped when they hit those nerve roots on the spinal cord! It was like I was going through the ceiling! Of course the trauma is all part of it too, just what we all need additional trauma! NOT!!

I also was in bad shape when the neurologist spent hours on me doing nerve and muscle conduction tests, needles and thumb tacks with electric jolts is the best way to describe it, I was a total wreck from it, started to sob with pain about half way through, and it just escalated! Then the Rheumatologist wanted me to go through them again when I was just there, I told him NO, I don't really tell him no, but I did on that, so he decided to do x-rays first. Fine with me!

I cannot even tolerate the TENS! UGH!

We are all just ultra sensitive, even if we don't start that way, it doesn't take too long to get that way! My complete sympathy is with you!

I agree with you but perhaps we do not know all the details. Maybe Linda can fill us in more.

Hi Linda....I sure hope you did not take offense at my post. I am wondering about your thoughts regarding my opinion.


OMG, Jo, YES, that's exactly how I feel! OMG, I can't believe you just wrote exactly what I was just feeling! WTF, now we can't even get shots and dental work done without major trauma due to pain?

And I'm serious, I do want to turn into the Hulk when I'm driving. I want to pluck every miserably slow driver out of the car and toss them aside like a foam boulder. I want to snag every rude driver who cuts me off and squash them between my Hulk fist. And on and on. See? Fibro is KILLING me. Now I know exactly what Jillian meant about how over the edge she feels about her pain. I think we're all basically saying the same thing. It takes us places mentally that we never thought we'd go to.

BTW, I will talk about getting the anti-depressants upped for a bit so I don't Hulk somebody!!!

Hmmmm, I had the horrible heart palpitations at the dentist. It's interesting that so many of us "Fibroids" have experienced this. Think Linda's onto something!

Agree with everything you've said here, SK. How could we NOT have frayed nerves to the nth degree with all that we go thru?

And if it turns out that Linda's having more than the "usual" fibro reaction, well it's a good idea to get it looked into, as Fibrokitty suggests. I, for one, wouldn't be ashamed if the fibro gave me more mental health issues...with this kind of pain, you really have to be almost invincible to be able to handle it over and over again. And we're not. We all have our cracks in our armor.

Bless you, Linda. Hope you're feeling better today. We know how you feel, luv.

LMFAO Pet, thats so freaking funny!

Uh-oh... Don't mention the driving lol. I swear I will buy myself a tank and put a V20 engine in it to take out these mofo's round here!! I don't care if some of them are on holiday/vacation. The highway code is everywhere damn it!! And you stay in your own lane biatch! lol. And I don't care if its a sunday! If you have to drive at 20 mph you need your license taking away!

What anti-depressants you on Pet? I think I may need some myself... And relax...... ohmmmmmmm..... 1... 2... 3... 4.......

And it's not because the dentist is sexy either... hell no!!