Fed up

fed up trying to stay strong , i say iam but could crumble , this gets you with pain , not being able to work and financially , its bad enough it takes our health and we then have to stay strong mentally as well as fight it physically , sorry to moan things seem to be getting worse week by week xxxxxxx

Dear angie

I can empathize with your feelings of being fed up. Fibromyalgia is really tough to live with day in day out and the pain meds work some of the time but certainly not all the time.

Last week I got a new diagnosis. I now have osteoarthritis, that's in the joints. It was detected in an x-ray of my right knee and it's moderate to severe. Now that I know what that pain feels likeI can tell that it is in many joints in my body including the bottom of my spine. So, now I have shared that with you.

Angie, don't ever apologize for venting. We all need to do that and here is a safe place to do it because we know how you feel.

I wish I could help you solve some of your problems, but I can't. Nor can you solve mine, but we have shared and that's good.

Gentle hugs


ty rachel x im finding it hard because it attacks me every were , my husband is a lovely man and we love each other soo much but at the moment we are clashing , i know hes getting frustrated as he wants me back being fit , i would feel the same frustration if it was him going through this i also think it frightens him , but he has to deal with it , i do everyday , he was with me through menopause and two major operations so i get were hes coming from it must be hard for the ones who love you , saying this tho it frustrates me as we live this all the time ......

Angie, I would guess your husband's frustration is fear of the unknown and not really understanding this ugly beast called fibromyalgia that you suffer with but it also affects him and he just doesn't know what to do to help you. That is the same question that we would like an answer to. We go day by day trying to pace ourselves and then should we be so lucky to have a good day we end up overdoing it and then paying up for it dearly. How can anyone else understand fibromyalgia when the doctors don't really and even we who suffer with it don't really know it. All we can hope for is accepting us as we are.........warts and all. I think I'd trade fibromyagia for warts!! At least warts aren't this durned painful.

That's why this online support group is so vitally important to us because we can talk here freely to others who understand because they too are dealing with the same thing.

Love each other, be kind as we can and pray for some less painful days.


ty soo much for your replys today rachel it means soo much xxxxxx hope you are well today to xxxxx

Hi Angie,

moan away, we all have to sometime, and at least we all know how you feel. Try and do something to take your mind of it, if you can. A warm bath, chocolate or good film. works for me, well apart from I only have a shower :)

Try to stay positive as it will really help with the pain. I'm having a tough time at the moment too, I was worse last week (well worse for the past year actually) but i felt awful on thursday so went to my doctor for a check up. he took bloods and called yesterday to tell me I have Mycoplasma which is a mild pneumonia that can last 3 months. But the symptoms are just like a flare, Pain aches and exhausted. Obviously glad to have something that I can get rid of but it has made my fibro worse. They also found my Vit D is dangerously low which is probably why I have been worse this past year. I have never been tested before and only mentioned it to the doctor after reading about people on here being tested. (have you been tested?) I'm hoping the high dose Vit D they gave me will help a bit.

Sorry that was a lot of info on me, and my point was that your going to have ups and downs, and yes it's hard to be strong all the time, so instead you need to find something to do to make you happy and distracted.

feel better soon xoxo

ty omg xxxx i hope you are ok to x it means so much to be on here it gives you that strength x lots of hugs xxxxx

It can be so overwhelming. Sometimes when it seems like it's 1 step forward, 2 steps back, it helps to just try to hold the line. Don't worry about making progress - just keep it from getting worse. That can be a victory itself.

Best of luck.

ty liz x that is so right x x

My doctor said between 3 months and 1year to get it back to where it should be!
It’s a long time but Still good to at least know that I need it :slight_smile:

Angie, you're so entitled to feel badly about it all. It's so much to go thru and some days seem to take every last resource we have. I'm in a bad flare tonight so won't add more but I wanted to support you and let you know it's ok to feel as you do. Only a saint would be able to handle all this and not lose it from time to time.

PS: Try to bring some conversations of ours to your hubby so he can see that plenty of others are physically impacted by fibro and might accept it easier in regards to you.

Thanks for coming and posting.

If you can tolerate the sun, get exposure each day, helps the vit D go up alot faster.

Yep I’ m going to try a sit in the sun a bit, I do tend to avoid it normally :slight_smile: I live in Singapore so no excuses :slight_smile: x

hello petunia and ty x i did that, shown my husband and he understands now , iam so glad i found this site x a big hug to you today x

Wow, I didn't know that! If mine's still low at least now I'll know to be patient. Thanks for sharing that nugget with us, Ariestlt.

Yeah, ditto here in sunless ole New England. Was great all summer; now it's rain, rain, rain.

Well, my doctor never told me about it. I can see people getting frustrated and quitting using the supplements, not knowing that it takes so long for them to kick in!

Odd how even taking a lot of vitamins didn't keep the fibro at bay. Nasty illness.

Boy, amen to that, Liz! You're exactly right. Staying in the same place physically is a BIG victory for us. And something to be appreciated.

Wow, that's great! I'm so glad that this site helps families as well as fibro sufferers.

A big hug right back to you!

Good hubby you've got there!

My present young doctor is skeptical about natural products and supplements, but my previous doctor of 24 years said some people have felt the benefit from them. BUT that I needed to remember that nutritional products do not work as quickly in our systems as do prescribed medications. It would take at least six months before the effects of nutritional products could be felt.