Feeling discouraged

I’m really aching again. Sharp shooting pain, burning… Now my newest symptom, well in the past 2 months, is that all my knuckles near the nail, on both hands, are developing painful bumps. Arthritis? And the lowest joint on both thumbs hurt. Every morning I wake up and my hands are stiff, painful with some swelling. It feels like I have latex gloves on that are three sizes too small. I feel sad and discouraged.

I’m really sad. I think my dog is dying. I’m also in a lot of pain. Exhausted. Feel discouraged.

Oh Freedom, sad to hear that! I know you’ve been trying and fighting so hard and will do so again. Have you found new docs yet, now Mayo’s let you down? Are you considering applying again some time?
Max will need all your love now, and you’ll be giving it to him. Is there anything you can do for him or is it a case of waiting he recovers or not? It’s such a tough time when our companions may be leaving us, an up and down road, with hope and not knowing when to do something or let go. Our guinea pigs before the ones we have now had to go last year, first one, then the other. That was in my fullest flare, trying treatments that were only harming. So due to not being able to sleep anyway I was able to nurse them for a few months, feeding them several times a night, so building up an intense relationship (they are ‘my wife’s’, she’s the one who spends hours holding & cuddling them) and then having to let go anyway. Probably wasn’t good for my symptoms, but it was also something to hold on and give it all a sense… The other day I came in the door whilst my wife was trying to catch one and put him back in the cage. He got such a panic as I had a big yellow bag in my hand, we’d never seen him scarper around so frantically. But he’s OK again, has resolved the trauma of it, thankfully.