FEET. .Why Can't I Chop Them Off. . .venting

First it was my wrists . . .they still hurt of course, but now my feet, which has always hurt too. . .are becoming far more painful than I can handle. It's becoming hard to walk or stand. Last night I tried putting on my kitten heeled boots to go out in and I had them on all but 5 mins while trying on different dresses and my ankles started to hurt like I was being drug by my feet. I took them off and put on my regular flat boots.

Now this morning as I head to work (I am picking up hours for the holiday at a friends salon and at my old shoe store job at the mall *headed to shoe store job today*) my feet, especially my left foot feels asleep, it's heavy and pain is rising up the leg. Last night I touched the top of my feet and the pain was unreal. . .

I don't know what to do. Thankfully the fall semester is over next week so I can breathe and relax and turn in the rest of my paperwork to the disability office. If I could chop my feet off, I would gladly do so. . .

Oh Mo, I understand how you must feel. I'm so sorry you are now having this to deal with, and sorry that you cannot wear all of your young, fun shoes and boots. Even at my age I miss beautiful shoes and boots. I tried to downsize to a less obviously geriatric sneaker, and my legs and feet killed me! Spent $120. for them too! I'll still wear them, but only when I can have them on for short periods, or when I'll be sitting a lot.

Hope that you can get some relief. OTC Sports Cream helps with my pain it's about $7.

Wishing you well,


10 minutes of heat immediately followed by 10 minutes of ice (bag of frozen peas) helps the pain right away too.

Note, you cannot use the heating pad with the Sports cream.

Whatever you do don't cut them off, sounds like you have fantastic footwear, and I'd have to think they wouldn't fit the same if you were left with stumps!!

My pain is mostly in my feet, legs, & hips. When my dogs are barkin', I run a warm bubble bath and have a soak. I think it's more of a whole body stress reliever than just for my feet. I've also found laying on the couch or bed and propping them up on several pillows can tone down the throbbing.

You may need to get yourself a pair of comfy shoes for work (if you're allowed to wear footwear of your choice). I have two favs. Reebok makes a very lightweight tennis shoe for running, they are so comfortable, it's like not having shoes on. Softt is another great brand. I have several pairs of these, but my favs are a pair of slip on mules. They have a bit of a heel, and are quite cute, but are like a dream.

Softwalks are another great brand and they make all styles, most do not look like comfort shoes!

I hope you can find some relief! Take care of yourself, girl!

Are your feet ever cold to the touch when they shouldn’t be? If your feet & legs are falling asleep/going numb,it might be a circulation issue.

Fibro does travel, no question of it. But it's worse when it's your feet or knees or ankles only because you can have the devil of the time walking.

Have you been checked out for any of the auto-immune illnesses, Mo? Might be worth a look.

Colleen's suggestions of comfy footwear are noteworthy. The voice of experience, offering some good tips.

I'm sorry you can't wear fun shoes or boots too. This fibro stuff is a pain in the...foot.

Congrats to you on finishing up the semester! You deserve some fun and rest, hope you can get it without fibro busting in on it.

Kick up them heels, gal,


Thanx for the tip but no heat or cold works for my feet. It's so strange. .NOTHING has been helping, I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of. . nothing short of just not walking on them works. The bones hurt, the skin, the muscles, the nerves, everything is so painful and I can soak in a bath for an hour, soak my feet in water, massage them, cream them.. . . bandage them and nothing works. I can't even cry about it because that won't help. Doctors, don't have a clue all they can say is, "it's fibromyalgia related" which pisses me off because a few years ago i was a quack for having fibro and now the sh*t I suffered from back then when no doctor wanted to help me instead of giving me pills to shove down my throat, now they say it's Fibro. . .AHHHHH. . .I hate them all!! Stupid effing idiot quack job of an effing waste of degree holding f*cks!

Sorry I totally js vented out, but I feel better. ..

I own a pair of K-Swiss sneakers, the best one's I've found yet, I actually have them on now in the house because walking bare foot hurts too much. I will look up softwalks brand, they just sound comfy! lol

You know, i've never felt them to see how they feel heat wise. . .I would say I've never felt my feet being cold but I haven't really paid attention. . .I wear those circulation support socks, which are so great in helping the circulation when on my feet all day but for only a little bit. When I did see the doc all they could find was shin splints. ..that;s it.

I've been tested for such and as always nothing shows up anything. . .It's crazy, I feel like I'm in an episode of Twilight Zone. I've been tested so many times for so many things, I get MRI's yearly, Bone SCANS every 2-3 yrs and nothing so far has shown up anything. . .NOTHING. ..i wanna wake up from this nightmare becuse the longer that they don't find anything, the more I deal with a growing pain that gets worse by the day.

I want a pair of Merrell's especially cause it's my middle name. . .lol

Thanx, I've tried creams before but I can give this one a go. . .no harm in doing so

Don't you just LOVE getting onto the potty when your "morning" feet hurt so much you have to crawl to the bathroom?

lol definitely. . . .I do the crab crawl walk. . .very pretty sight in the morning. ..thanx to fibro I have some what morning bladder control!! lol

I do the handsy-kneesy shuffle to the B'room and then do a few movements so acrobatic they could earn me a place in Cirque du Soleil"! to achieve a seat.

AND, repeat that shuffle, 4-5-7-8, take it away!

This is even more entertaining when M.Fibro (my dance master) adds in some IBS!

Laugh, laugh I thought I'd cry


Mo, my doc says foot stretches- wrap a towel around the bottom your foot and pull your foot towards you- 4- times for 30 sec each. Do this 3-4 times a day. Also, three or four times a day- ice for 15 min and heat for 15 min. And always wear shoes, even around the house. Hope they get better- there is nothing more miserable than your feet hurting like that.

i know, Mo, I know. I would literally want to go crazy at the doctor's offfice each time a test came back normal, especially before I knew what was wrong with me. The truth is that no test has yet been devised to show what is wrong with us. But at least we're at a place where the medical industry acknowledges that fibro does exist, and a GOOD doctor will acknowledge it as well, plus try to help.

As for the pain, can you up your current meds? Dose can really make a difference. The reason I know this is because I ran out of my 200 mg Lyrica so was using some 100's that I had left back in the Stoneage when that dose helped. I only took ONE 100 today, not wanting to be foggy since the two separate 100's made me foggier than the 200. (Don't know why!) In the middle of my meal delivery today, I felt myself running out of energy, panting, in pain, and wondering why in H I couldn't finish before the worst hit??? Usually I can manage to get home before the S hits the fan. Then I realized that it was the dose. That extra 100 mg really makes a big difference on my functionality. So long story short, can you see if you are able to increase your meds? Or combine them with something else?

I hope you can get some relief, Mo. Feet are the worst place to be hit, probably.