Extreme FOOT and Wrist pain!

Over the past few years my foot, ankle and wrist pain has become so annoying painful that I want to chop the limbs off completely! When I think back to the onset of my pain, it began in my wrist having me to see a hand specialist first then it went throughout my entire body and finally my feet.

Every morning when I wake up, getting out of bed feels like I am stepping on pointed pieces of broken metal. I suck it up now and just say my "oohs and ahhhs" and walk it off or slip on some sneakers or whatever shoes are close by but the pain is insane and every MRI, every Bone SCAN, every test shows up nothing!


If I stand for too long, they hurt, if I walk for too long, sit for too long, move too much or too little the pain sneaks up on me. My wrists and ankles have equal amount of pain. I would get cortisone shots but the last dose (about 3 wks ago) has proven to me that it no longer has an effect so i will no longer request them anymore. NO medicine works, NOTHING!! I get tired of wearing wrist braces and ankle braces (altho they are easier to wear without anyone seeing them). . .I get annoyed when ppl ask me why do I have both of my wrists in splints, they ask if I have carpal tunnel but I just tell them that I am a Ninja by night and my hands are my weapons so I have to keep them restrained in the day time as so not to hurt anyone. . .they never find it funny but I do : )

Most of my tears are for my ankles and my wrists. I walk sometimes like a penguin and most times with a slight limp as to alleviate pain from the left leg which seems to hurt the most however the right leg is always the most swollen. . .WEIRD! Anywho, I just want to be sure that I am not alone on this one and if you have any suggestions . . .I refuse to take medications of any kind unless absolutely necessary so if you have any non medicational (I think I just made that word up..LOL) ways I am interested in hearing them.

I to have HORRIBLE pain in my feet and wrists. I have pretty severe pain everywhere, but my wrists by far are the worst. Goes part way up my arm. Can't write a simple check at times.

Yea I kno that feeling. Sometimes I have to go days without writing or do deep tissue pressure point massage on myself…

Most definetly. My feet for the past three days have been so stiff and painful that I've been doing the penguin walk lol. I've been using lots of icy hot on them and even soaking them warm water but nothing has helped so far. I can't sit or stand for too long either or else I'll be in even worse pain. And if I do have to sit for an extended period of time, I have to move a lot in my seat to keep from hurting too much. You are not alone on this one. I've had those days where I wish someone would hand me a saw so I can just get rid of my legs.

oh I know the penguin walk!! LOL I am no longer embarrassed by it and just know that it is what will get me from point A to point B!!!

Hi all,I too have the painful feet, feel like im walking on glass-its horrible. So painful. Also my wrists and thumb joints, thumb at moment feels like it is broken. Just got a new wrist support yesterday which also supports my thumb so hoping this will help. Doesnt make it easy to grip my crutches but we adapt dont we. Never heard it called the penquin walk before but i can certainly (fibro fog alert cant think of word), ah relate to that lol. sketchers trainers/shoes can be helpful, i find them very comfy and well padded. very expensive here in UK but well worth it. tc for now

Oh my…my thumb hurts too…I thought that one was in my head. Right in the meaty part of the thumb hurts like no other…I apply pressure and squeeze til I cringe…that releases some tension for a few days.

My wrists and ankles hurt so bad sometimes that they actually feel like the bones are going to break. My job requires me to stand all day and I am at the point where I think I may have to give up working in a field that I have worked in for over 20 years. I can't stand thinking that there is something this painful that consumes every minute of every day! I feel my life has changed forever. I was considering getting some sort of wraps for my ankles so they don't hurt so bad. My hands and arms get so numb that when I get feeling back in them it hurts really bad.

YES!!! I have been saying forever that my bones feel like they are going to break!! As soon as you step down on them its like the bones are about to come out through the top of your foot??! I manage housekeeping in a hotel so I am on my feet ALL DAY!! Non stop, some days I sit at the desk and just cry! I wear Kswiss Tubes Sneakers which are great, they give good support for a few hours before I even start to feel pain, my feet feel cushioned and supported but the other day while I was actually housekeeping I had to have my boss finish my rooms for me, I felt too weak to even stand. . .UGH the pain, the horror!!

Has anyone ever said you have plantar fasciitis ? I had that once and it was eliminated by a ginormous shot in the heel which was by far the worst pain I have ever felt. I had to ask not that I’m suggesting you have that problem.

Realize you don’t want to take meds but Meloxicam has given me back my hands and feet. My feet were so bad I couldn’t cover them with a sheet. Right now my hands are bad but nothing like they were -

Best of luck !

I have thought it to be Plantar but its not hurting in the right spot to be it so I am confused . . . .all I know is my feet are destined one day to stop working if they do not find a reason for whats going on.....

I am so sorry about not getting any relief. Perhaps cortisone shots are not working for you. I've heard bad stories about cortisone shots from people. I also have joint pain in my arms and they are debilitating. I suffered injuries in my arms from car accident and they are not healing after going through physical therapy for 6 months. My friend who also had similar injuries referred me to a doctor who performs prolotherapy. He said he has almost no pain now. I am looking into it. I learned that joint instability causes tendons and ligaments to stretch and cause inflammation and pain. I don't know what you have but X-rays and MRIs don't show these damages. I read that this prolotherapy works for FM pains as well, so I will let you know if it works.

I feel the same way about drugs - I take them minimally to avoid putting toxins in my system. Have you tried warm bath with epsom salt? I usually soak my entire body in a tub (which can be challenging) for 30-45min and it always works. You may soak only the affected areas in a bucket if you can't tolerate a bath. Magnets also work to relieve some pain. I have magnetic necklace and bracelet. Trying not to put too much pressure will also help! Do you do some gentle stretching exercises to move your joints?

I don't think the cortisone works anymore. . .it has run it's course in me. Plus it turned my pigment on my right hand lighter...I am quite dark skinend so a white patch of skin on my wrists bothers me every time I looka t it. . .,the doc said that it can do that to ppl who get it for long periods of time and I have been for years.

I do not know what tests will show them what is wrong with my arms and wrists but they need to create something fast. I will have to google what prolotherapy is. I don't soak in Epsom butI just soak, I live in a tub but it dries my skin so I have to limit myself otherwise I'd sleep in my tub..lol

I've never tried magnet but can look into it.

I exercise about 3-4 days a week. I do a lot of body weight training which to my suprise doesn't hurt me until im done..lol. My wirsts and ankles hurt while doing it but I wear ankle wraps and do my pushups and burpees and such on my fists. I do yoga in the morning which helps for a bit then I head to work and it all comes back!!