Fibro Symptoms Tracking System

There's a little video on the page that tells more about it, and lots of pictures and explanations on the page under the video. I think I'll try it. By the time I get to the Dr. I have forgotten what symptoms I had and for how long, etc. Also I am trying natural/alternative remedies and this would be helpful to see how much each one is working.

Best wishes!

UPDATE: At the bottom of the page of that link, they state it is a program that is almost ready. I thought it was available right now. It says

After over 18 months in design and development, the FibroTrack system is almost ready to launch! Please enter your name and email address into the form below and click “Do It”. This will sign you up to receive more information about the FibroTrack system. We will send you full details including a video screen capture demonstration. You will also receive update notices about the FibroTrack launch and pricing details. When you sign up using the form below, we will include a download link for our free ebook on developing a fibromyalgia self-management program. Please note that everyone who signs up for more information before the launch date will have access to special launch offer pricing that will not be available later! If you have any questions about FibroTrack, please email me at: