Curious about any studies or drug trials, anything that means progress

I have had fibromyalgia since my middle thirties. Almost 20 years of having my life thrown to hell and back, the cost incalculable. I finally threw in the towel and now I am on social security. I just refuse to go quietly. I want to know about current research, I want to volunteer now that I am not working. Anybody know anything? Is there a local support group in your area they usually know of ways you can do volunteer work in your area.

Our 'main page' usually lists related clinical trials, not sure if they are up to date though.

Looks like our nurses have all of the info already!

There are advances being made in Fibro research all the time. So don't give up hope!

As others mentioned, If you look on the home page on the left column, you'll see a box that says "clinical studies". I also just posted a discussion about a new blood test that is 99% accurate,and yesterday or day before I posted 2 discussions about 11 different causes, which have different treatments, most of them nutritional or supplemental or herbal/natural. The medical world doesn't have much to offer us yet, but naturopaths who have dealt with this for eons have some alternatives. Also if you type in the search box in the far upper right "new research", you will find many pages of discussions about new research that you might want to browse through.

There is an M.D. who specializes in fatigue based illnesses, and he has found that we all have nutritional, hormonal and metabolic disorders, and he tells which supplements can reverse FM. His advice put my daughter into remission, and she went on to start her new fabulous life by winning many pageants and titles, including Idaho woman of the year. She used D-Ribose. It cut my pain and fatigue at least in half when I took the right dose for 3 weeks so I got enough in my body. I learned about it at This Dr. also just released a book about his treatments ffor FIbromyalgia about 1 week ago..You can find it here:

There's another book that those who own it call "the Fibro Bible". It's written by an M.D. with Fibro, and it lists every possible symptom, reasons for them, diagrams, and chapters on how to deal with almost every part of your life with this disease. There are used editions as well, to save you money. It is bit expensive new, because it's much like a textbook, but in layman's terms.

I'm curious myself, so I went out looking. Sorry if anyone has posted this, but it is relatively new.