I may have a possible cure for fibromialgia for some

I unfortunately am unresponsive to any type of medication but I know a few people with fibromialgia that have gone into remission taking this all natural supplement. it’s called 5 - HTP and it works wonders for people with fibro. the only downside is that you can’t be on any sort of antidepressant while taking it. You take four a day all at night. it helps with sleep so that’s why you take it at night. it takes about a week to fully kick in but I saw results within the first day but unfortunately after a month it stopped working for me. but the multiple friends that are on it’s have gone into remission but you have to continue taking it. it’s fairly inexpensive and you can find it at any vitamin shop. I want to put this out there because I see it do wonders for people with fibro. I may start taking it again this see if I have a better run. I implore anyone and everyone to at least try it. it helps out with a lot more than just fibro it creates a better mood for yourself and a better sleep. Also be wary though don’t over exceed the suggested dose because you can get something called serotonin shock syndrome meaning that you will not feel happiness for the rest of your life. That’s why people on anti depressants can’t take it. I hope all of you try it if you’re able because that could be what will make your fibro go into remission. I love you all and I hope all of you will benefit from this. Cheers, Trey René Bashaw.

HI Therene - Thanks for your suggestion on the supplement. It certainly wouldn't hurt to look into it. I'm sorry it didn't last long enough for you - but it seems interesting. I like to read whatever advice people post here, as it always gives me suggestions of what I can do to get better. I also do lots of research as well on Fibromyalgia and natural remedies. I haven't tried any of them yet - but I am curious as to what is out there to help Fibros! Gentle hugs! Laurie

definitely look into it. It’s something that I’ve only seen positive things from. Besides myself but also it’s been about 4 coming up 5 years since I’ve took it last. I’m going to try it again as soon as possible and I’ll post back my results on it on here when I do. Much love and gentle hugs.

I’m sorry I gave miss information about serotonin shock syndrome. please research that on your own terms because I got my information mixed up with another medication that I am on. again I apologize.

It mimics the action of Lyrica. When I first heard about 5-HTP, I was on Lyrica and couldn't take it. So anyone on Lyrica needs to avoid it as well.

Yes, any sort of antidepressants do not mix.

If it mimics the action of Lyrica, wouldn't taking Lyrica do the same thing? Unfortunately, Lyrica hasn't put me into remission. (Big fat sad smiley face inserted here.)