Hi.i am 31 years old. Have had constant pain all over my body for months,muscles aches and joints hurt.i wake up all stiff abd have pains in my feet.i am always tired and my sleep is very on and off.i am always tired and generally exhausted.

My hair has also started to fall out at times.i get pins and needles and numbness in my arms and legs too.

I went to gp who did some blood tests which came back all clear.they lut me on amitryptiline tableta but they didnt help at all. Im still in pain every day its unbearable. I went back to gp again and she went through all my symptoms and has said its possibly fibromyalgia. She has put me on duloxetine tablets 20mg twice a day to help control the pain.

Does this sound like fibro?

Any advice please.

Like anyone, I would be reluctant to tell you whether or not you have fibromyalgia. If your doctor isn’t recognizing your symptoms, maybe you should get a second opinion. There’s not nothing wrong with you if you’re experiencing such pain on a regular basis.

For me, none of the drugs I’ve tried over the years have helped, if fact, a lot of them caused me unnecessary problems. I’ve had more success with modifying my diet than anything. I eat as many super foods as I can find and I’ve eliminated sugar from my diet. Cutting out the sugar seems to have made the most difference as far as pain goes.

As for supplements, Boswellia is well worth a look, especially for arthritis-like joint pain. But research first. You shouldn’t take it if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

HI, it could be FM it has so many different feelings in the body that its hard to say. If you had blood work done that was the good but that’s what doctors do when they are checking for other things too.
Try a second opinion if you can and see what another doctor says. If they agree then you know what you are working with. Try to keep moving and get counseling for the metal part that makes you think the world is coming to a end from all the body pain. The way we feel mentally has a lot to how pain reacts in our body as well. The serotonin in the brain gets depleted and we start to think everything is bad that there is no hope. FM is very complicated and there is no easy answer to how an why. Never give up or let the pain win even when you feel bad. Think of ways to relax, listen to music, read something happy, get a hobby if you think you can manage it. I could go on but you are OK and life is good even with pain if you let the pain become your friend and don’t fight it. Give it a name and call it something that makes you laugh and treat yourself with kindness and care. Have a plan on how to treat yourself when it really a bad day so it just won’t be so bad.

Good Luck