Normal brain on left compared to FM brain and a CFS brain. Yesterday on Dr. Oz they showed a similar brain scan (March 14, 2012) and he explained what it means. The scan he showed, showed the parts of the brain that feel pain are highly active, making pain more intense. There is 5x more substance P (for pain) in our brain than a normal brain. As that pain stays active 24/7, it causes other parts of the brain to burn out, which is what my picture shows, areas of the brain that are damaged and don’t work anymore. Proof that it’s a real and disabling condition, and I’m glad Dr. Oz said so. Some ladies in the audience cried and he asked them why and they said they actually thought they were going nuts or just acting lazy or all the insults their ignorant doctors told them, and now there is proof that it’s real.

this information is very sobering, it's such important news. but i know that parts of my brain are being damaged. wow, reality check.

Wow! I remember my neurologist telling me that my brain scan showed some abnormalities and that I wasn't crazy! I think that this should be a mandatory test to test for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. It will help with disability by actually being able to see something tangible on a medical test! I am sure by me having this test done and well as countless others it is what helped me get my disability on the first try.

Stacy, wow that's awesome. I only thought this special kind of scan would show something up. I sure wonder how much of my thinking ability will be gone and how soon I will be alone and too numb-skulled to take care of myself.