Gut Problems--Resistant biofilms-- Candida, Lyme, Leaky gut, Fibro, CFS etc

Is anyone dealing with any of the above type issues??

Hey girlfriend! You are so interesting to discuss all of this with! Who knows what some of us have that is yet to be discovered! I have taken probiotics for decades, and use plant based enzymes (Spectrazyme) for digestion, so the only gut problems I have is the constipation from the Opana that I have been using almost regularly now to sleep. You don't know how good it is to sleep without pain, to be able to go back to sleep after getting up to use the bathroom at night.

I know that some are against narcotics, I understand, I have joint and spinal damage, stenosis, so this will never be reversible, I have taken a truck load of herbs thinking this pain could be eased with it, it cannot. I do take the supplements and vitamins, believe they are essential for my bones and muscles, but am getting to the realization after all of these years that I am going to live my life on narcotics.

Surgery is only going to make me worse, the joint damage is irreversible...and on and on...

I am still interested in all of this, because I think it is all a major factor at least with some of the people with fibro. Or some become so ultra sensitive that they really do need to address all of these things. I had to look this up, but there are times I cannot take any antibiotics without having an allergic reaction. So I understand this issue.

turns out Sunflower had Lyme disease, she went through hell before she found a Dr to give her the proper dx, so that caused her fibro. Herniated discs most likely caused yours, though we all possibly had predispositon, more than possibly, most probably seems more appropriate. Some of us have such insult to injury it just goes on and on and on...

As always, I have to add that I am not a Doctor, just a patient on a constant research project! And allergic is a nurse!

Not many doctors address these issues and that's unfortunate. Regarding Lyme diagnosing, most doctors only test for one strain. There are dozens. Only a Lyme literate specialist will do a complete testing panel. My friend was told over and over that she was negative for Lyme. Then she went to the specialist and, sure enough, she had another strain plus had developed co-infections and the organism then went on the form biofilm so now it's tough getting the infection resolved because the meds can't penetrate through the biofilm to the lyme organism. If she had been diagnosed properly to begin with, she could have gotten rid of it easier.

I have the same thing going on but with candida yeast systemically and biofilm. I've been dealing with it for years and kept failing treatment, then discovered that the biofilm had developed. The "bugs" set up shop in our bodies and have defenses built in like the biofilm, so we become very resistant to the treatment. Those with celiac or gluten intolerance can end up like this because it compromises the stomach lining and then the balance of flora goes bad. Antibiotic use can cause it to occur too. Pretty sure that's what got it going in me, plus I am gluten intolerant. Your immune system is affected by all this.

I posted some links on the Lyme group regarding all this if anyone needs to know more.

Most people don't have a clue that it's happening to them, and most doctors don't check for it or even know much. They are not trained in this in medical school.

Your post explaining the biofilms was like someone ringing the bell, made so much sense, at least to me, many suffer from IBS, and who knows how many of us have yeast overgrowth, or lyme!

Thanks for all of the good info you give to us, always a pleasure to hear from you!

Thanks SK, I belong to a fibro support group here where I live and at least three or four of our members, including myself have been diagnosed with systemic yeast overgrowth,one with Lyme, and one had to have chelation to remove lead from her body. Her recovery was amazing. There is definitely a connection there with fibromyalgia. I also have CFS and this, I'm told, is caused by the systemic yeast overgrowth. It actually gets into your bloodstream if it goes untreated for long time.

Anyone who is suffering with IBS, food intolerances, bloating, fatigue, constipation and/or diarrhea especially needs to be tested for Lyme and Candida/Yeast. Actually, anyone with FMS or CFS should.

Seems there are lots of people on this forum who are having these type of symptoms. It's like alot of other conditions that go on forever before someone finally diagnoses them.

I'm just gonna post these links on here in case someone wants to read them. I know in the groups section things don''t always get noticed as much

Be sure to read about the biofilm. It can keep you from wasting time and money and not getting the yeast killed. The biofilm forms as a barrier between the yeast and your antifungal. There are digestive enzymes that break down the biofilm so that your antifungal can get to the yeast and kill it.

The digestive enzymes that my doctor has be on is Interfase Plus by Klaire Labs. Must be taken on empty stomach so it can work on the biofilms.

About resistant candida biofilm

More on candida/yeast

Leaky Gut Syndrome. I mentioned it so I better put this information to explain it.

I have read through a fair amount of this now, it is really good information, something we should all be seriously considering.

I have to hand it to you where it's due that this is quite an undertaking! It involves huge self control and dedication. I am sure that it helps to go through this with other women who you meet up with on a regular basis.

It will take me a while to get through it. Seems there are alot of people venting with long posts, and if it helps to get it out all the better.

Thank you for not giving up on us, keep putting out this good info, girlfriend!

Well, I figure it this way SK....I'm already suffering, so why not suffer some more with hope of getting better. If there's something that I can fix, then I'm gonna do it, no matter what it takes. I want to get my life back, just like everyone else on this forum. If I've gotta eat weeds, seeds (ha ha you still have me laughing) antifungals, enzymes, pre and probiotics, whatever!!!! I'm gonna do it. I'm more than willing to share information, whether anyone wants to read it or not, I'll just put it on here. :')

Glad I gave you such a good laugh on that! Ha! You're easily entertained!

It's the giving up everything that would be the hard part, adding not so tough, but deleting, real tough! And of course that is the secret to it, the deleting all refined stuff, but this is all forms of sugar or sweet except stevia.

I'm not saying no just hanging on to the sweet... for now!

Those chocolate marshmallow shakes mean a great deal to me!

I've been craving nutty sticky buns lately.

Allergic, thank you for all this info, I will be reading it with a fine tooth comb, I was just wondering if the PCP’s are not testing for all strains of lymes, what kind of specialist does someone go to ? Infection control Dr. ? I really think I have an overgrowth of yeast, but I’m certain my Dr. Won’t have a clue ?? How to test for it or treat it ? I’m lucky she is open to my suggestions, but she kinda has no idea what to do with me, I’m also certian I have CFS, i have chills and debilitating fatique constantly feel like I’m fighting a virus, I struggle to just take a shower & get dressed, enough about me I just wanted to thank you for your post, I’m certain I will be more on the right track when I read this info.
Hugs & blessings

Oh, I know, so hard to not be able to eat what you have been raised on! My grandmother use to make them by hand, out of this world! And her doughnuts were made from bread dough too, they were outstanding!

Nothing compares to homemade goodies.


You're welcome. There are physicians who are referred to as "Lyme Literate" just meaning specialist in diagnosing and treating lyme disease. This article above will explain a little bit of why you don't hear about the Lyme Literate doctors as much. But that would be the doctor that would best test you for Lyme and treat you properly.

Your symptoms could be from alot of different things. Yeast overgrowth can produce the same symptoms that you described, like you have the flu, only it never goes away. I can relate to that as I'm dealing with long standing yeast overgrowth, biofilm in my system and leaky gut. It's insidious. By the time you get with a knowledgeable doctor, it's gotten out of hand(that can take years). For me it did. The physicians that have been helping me are MD's, who take my insurance, but practice integrative medicine.

I feel like a broken record because I keep talking about integrative or holistic doctors, but with the chronic conditions that is the only place you will find the proper testing and treatment. The mainstream docs don't know what to do with these things, so they just give you rx drugs to treat the symptoms, never getting to the source.

If you think you have yeast problems, try to find an integrative/holistic doctor who takes your insurance. Search on the internet for one and they will be able to help you with the yeast.



Okay, allergic, I have to admit that for a while I thought "yeah yeah yeah" about the leaky gut business because I just couldn't really see how it could relate to fibro. But today I met a neighbor two houses over who has fibro and also has autoimmune enteritis - in other words, nonstop diarrhea and vomiting if she doesn't get medical assistance. So I looked it up and sure enough, here comes the "gut" word, and I'm thinking, "you know, it sounds like her symptoms may have arisen from the leaky gut issue." And her illness is supposed to be quite rare, but I'm thinking that fibro is supposed to be rather rare, isn't it? And yet two of my almost next door neighbors have it, in addition to me. So who says that autoimmune enteritis is rare? Maybe lots of fibro people out there are suffering from nonstop diarrhea and vomiting but the doctors don't know what the heck it is, like hers didn't for ages.

So I'm wondering, do any of you out there suffer from symptoms like this? I'm wondering if it's another one of those wonderful symptoms that fibro opens the door to.

Actually, Petunia, it's the other way around. Fibro/CFS symptoms are result of the gut issues. The leaky gut triggers the autoimmune response and down the line you get pain, fatigue, muscle involvement, whole body involvement, food intolerances, decreased absorption of nutrients and you need nutrients or you will develop additional symptoms from the deficiencies. Depending on the organism/pathogen you can have diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, or alternating diarrhea and constipation, brain fog etc. Once your intestinal flora gets unbalanced all types of organisms can survive and grow in number. After awhile, your immune system burns out from trying to handle the increasing load of 'toxins' in your body which now have spread through the leaky gut to your bloodstream and everywhere else. Liver and kidneys suffer along with it. Other parts of the body too.

This is why so many people with celiac disease end up with fibro symptoms. Their guts are compromised already by the time they get diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance.

I don't believe, and I agree with researchers, that fibro is not an entity in itself, but a byproduct or result of other existing problems, namely pathogens/toxins getting out of hand in the body. It starts with anything that adversely affects the function or integrity of the gut and immune system. Trauma, stress, antibiotic overuse, viral infections, blood bourne and air bourne pathogens of any kind, lyme, chemicals in the food, processed, sugary foods, mold exposure, the list is long.

Most doctors, unless they extend themselves to learn more, do not have a clue. They know less about fibro than their patients. If your gut is not healthy and functioning, you can never be free of problems.

I should have realized that as I did read the article you gave me but I'm glad you reiterated it because now I've got it. Apparently our gut becomes so compromised that food molecules escape whole, without being properly digested, and then their target sites can't break them down. Then the toxicity starts. And after that point the immune system gets involved but doesn't win. I know, it's a simplistic understanding of the matter but science isn't my strong suit, although I like it.

I wish doctors would study this more and figure out ways to help us.

I'm thankful to you for posting this info again. Like I said, it's difficult to see how it ties into fibro at first, at least for me, but seeing it again and again helps to get the info into this foggy brain.

I wonder if fibro is an ailment that basically began to occur primarily once the Industrial Revolution occurred and all of these changes in our environment and food sources took place, or if there are documented cases that go back even farther? Sure would be interesting to find out, if at all possible!

You hit the nail on the head, Petunia! There are doctors who know this, but others are a little slow at getting with the program. My one friend, who is a nurse too, takes a file of information and handouts to each doctor that she sees so she can educate them. I'm not kidding. They're grateful because they don't know what to do with some of their patients that come in with these chronic and complicated conditions.

Now if you would watch a few documentaries about the corn industry and meat industry it would all be pretty clear what's happening. Antiobiotics and hormones in the animals etc. It all goes inside of us.

"King Corn", "Food, Inc." are two.

I am seriously thinking about moving to a farm, buying a few hens, and planting my own food garden, my chiro , offered to split a cow with me that was raised without any of the crap, or maybe I will become a vegetarian !!! It’s no wonder we are sick !