Had a Good Day Today

Today was a good day. My daughter and granddaughter wanted to come over for a visit. When my daughter called yesterday to say they would be coming today I got all stressed out and even a little depressed because I was in pain then and wouldn't know how I would feel this morning. Well, I just took a pain pill when they got here and I had a wonderful visit! I felt normal and like a mother and grandmother and was able to interact with the two of them and show them the love that is in me for them - instead of them seeing a sick, useless human being who could hardly walk.

What a nice story! Thank you for sharing this, Jo. It's nice to hear people say they've had a nice, normal day. It happens. It's especially nice that you got to share it with your daughter and grandchild. Who better to spend the day with?

But I'm sure that your family sees you as a sick, useless human being. I'm sure they see you as a loving Mom and Grandmom. Always.