Has anyone used any type of chelation to remove heavy metals from their body?

I have tested very high for mercury, aluminum and nickel and chelation has been suggested by my doctor. Has anyone used oral Zeolite or dmsa?


I would like to warn about DMSA and the metals, esp. mercury. Generally, it just dislodges the metals and redistributes it. The result of this is feeling crazy and in worse pain than ever; maybe even an emergency allergic type response that will take a long time to get over. Of course, there may be some exceptions to this reaction but if you tend to hold onto toxins and that's why you're sick, then this treatment will be dangerous.

As for Zeolite I would like to hear someone say something positive. I'm not as afraid of this one. I have a friend who runs a health food store and she likes to recommend it, but she does not have toxic retention like we do. So, she is only half qualified. ;o

Anyone else experienced any kind of chelation?

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Thanks for the response and the warning. Now I know why my doctor said "ya know you'll feel worse before you feel better" and he wanted me to consider Zeolite instead of DMSA but not until he tried it on himself first. He has some mercury too. So I'm waiting for him to use the Zeolite and see what he thinks. It does scare me a bit. Also, if I understand right, DMSA will also bind to other minerals in your body during treatment and you can become depleted, having to take supplements during treatment to prevent that from happening. You must really get wasted.

Do you know if any of the herbals such as chorella are effective?

I want to find out more before I do anything. I have genetic hemachromatosis so I do hold on to iron, that's for sure.

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I saw my doctor today and he said he tried dmsa himself and had to stop it, that it made him feel sooooo sick he couldn't tolerate it. He knows one person who used Zeolite and it worked to take the metals out, but that it didn't cause as much of the ill effects that the dmsa did. I'll just keep looking for reviews on it and do more research.