Important! D-Ribose Helping My Fatigue!


has anyone tried a supplement called D-Ribose? I ahve been on it about 2 weeks and this stuff has really helped me. i still have pain and still tire but I no longer have the crushing fatigue that always made me feel 99 yrs old and on my last legs.

This stuff is made by different companies. It is sold on-line and by GNC, probably most health stores too. It comes in capsules or a mixable powder. No real side effects. I did get a mild headache when i started it, that seems to be common, but the headaches have gone. I guess my body adjusted. It is used by athletes and patients ith congestive heart failure. can be used long term.

let me know if you have any questions. i am so happy i found this stuff. Read about it on the Fibro blog and then did some reserch on my own.

My husband says he is a believer too, and he thinks all supplements are hooey if not dangerous...

Noticed my fingernails are growing normally again too. I could not get them to grow, even just a little, no matter what I tried. Weird.

meeting with my MD tomorrow and demanidng why she did not suggestthis to me years ago. I could have had a much better last 3 yrs.......!!!!

oh well, I'll take a good therapy no matter when it comes, I guess.

No, if anyone has suggestions about how to get my IBS flares under contriol i would really appreciate them.

Cheers and Good Luck! It really has helped me feel "almost normal" again!!!!!

judy in Newport

I did a post about this before... it is wonderful stuff :D Glad it is helping you xx

Hi Mike,

Do you take it regularly? Do you mind sharing your dose level?

Did your MD tell you about it? Have you found it to continue to be helpful?

I am so pleased with the results, I find myself praying that this will continue and not vanish like some

nice dream....

Thanks for responding to my post and have a great day!


Hey there, I take between 1 and 3 850mg pills a day. I was recommended it by a friend who has another friend with fibro. They do not help me any/much with the pain but I can do more with my day when I take them because I have some more energy.

Hope you have a good day as well :D xx

I’ve been trying D-Ribose off and on, do get sometimes get a quite good “sugary”-feeling energy surge from it, however have also had severe GI-sfx from it.
Fibro girl has a whole page on this GI-problem which I thoroughly agree with: