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Since I was diagnosed with Firbromyalgia I have realized that many of my health problems might very well be related. My question is this; I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia about 3 years ago, with painful muscle spasms often. I underwent the scope and had my esophagus stretched 3 years ago. On Friday last week, I had my esophagus dilated again because I had severe pain upon eating. The dr said he thinks my esophagus is having bad muscle spasms, on top of a stricture that needed to be fixed. So is it possible that I am having the muscle spasms because of the fibro? Or is my hiatal hernia not at all related to fibro? Just wondering if it is possible that I am having problems with esophagus due to fibro? If so what can I do to take care of it and prevent the muscle spasms I experience? Really need to know exactly what is related and what is not. What other health problems are related besides hiatal hernias?

Hello angelmary

I see you posed these questions almost a whole year ago!! But nobody has responded. I am wondering the same questions as you are. I am thinking that there must be some link because not only have I been diagnosed a number of years ago with a hiatal hernia, but as I read the member profiles so many of them list GERD as one of their symptoms. I have been having a lot of trouble with my acid reflux for a while now. What about you , Mary? About a month ago my doctor changed my GERD medication and so far I haven't had any problems. But I am scheduled for a gastronomy as soon as the doctor is able to scedule it.

I really didn't think the two were connected until I joined this website and found so many other people affected by it.

Gentle hugs


Hi angelmary,

I am not a Dr, but have a hiatial hernia as well, it took forever for them to find it and finally I had an older tech who told me to bear down, like I was giving birth, and they found it!

I can tell you that certain foods will cause spasms. I love hot and spicy, but the hernia does not. I love bleu cheese, but the hernia does not. Getting upset and crying will set this off too.

I also have Costochondritis, inflammation of the ribcage, especially at the sternum area, so this is also right in the area of the problem.

I no longer have a gall bladder, and am 57, so I don't have much digestive juice to digest my food. My Chiropractor gave me 'Spectrazyme' that helps me to break down protein, dairy, plant. It is the best of it's kind, available on the internet. You can take them either before or after you eat, and it will make a great difference in how you feel, best to take them with hot tea, hot water, so it breaks everything down quicker, keeps me from having GERD. Ox bile is another supplement that will help you to break down and digest food.

My Rheumatologist is also an Asst. Professor, and tells me that Fibro is a condition caused by chronic pain. The hiatial hernia can put you in the chronic pain catagory very quickly, this is a nasty pain, and can inflame the pancreas in a hurry.

My GP thinks this is a good idea, and the Rheumatologist has no problem with me taking them, they are plant based. You may want to run this by your Dr, but I can swear by it. You really have to be aware of what you eat, and what might set it off. Pay attention to how you react to each meal, and start realizing that there are certain foods you are better without.

Hope you feel better soon and that this has been a help to you!

Big hugs,