Have you.......?

Ever argued with your bladder when its screaming at you that its got to be emptied and you just don’t want to move bwhahahahahahaha
You know you have and just giggled thinking about it!

Luvs! Punkin!

More like...my bladder has argued with ME in a freezing cold grocery store, INSISTING it has to be emptied IMMEDIATELY when I am nowhere near a restroom.

I hope it didn’t win PG!

Let me put it this way...a shopping cart can hide a multitude of sins! LOL.

If you don't laugh at some of this stuff, definitely you'll cry!

I had to get up and run to the bathroom cuz I almost had an accident!!! From laughing!

All of the time, but then I must have a bladder the size of a walnut! When I first met my husband and he wanted to take me on a trip, the first thing I did was tell him that as long as he would not have ANY problems doing a pit stop every 30 minutes, I would be glad to go, otherwise, I would rather not!

There are many times when I DO want to get up out of bed, to empty my bladder, and am as stiff as a board, and can't seem to move! I sleep with a quilted pad under me! Not fun to admit, ya know?

Run! You can still run? LOL!

I often push myself to the brink. I’m only 38 and in my minds eye personality wise I’m only 23. So even though I’m in bed for most the day I try and make up for it when I’m out of bed. I can run for about 30 seconds! I’ve been wanting to purchase a bike so I can go for rides around the neighborhood. Just need to find the moohlah!

I have a regular bike, I bought it about 20 years ago at K-mart for about $100, sometimes on very good days, I get on the bike, have one here for my grandson and we ride just a little. It actually helps my SI joints. I bought his bike there and they still have pretty nice ones for about $100 AND they are assembled! DO NOT buy the ones that are not! Just a word to the wise there! I tried to put a couple together for my son when he was small, what a job!!

I do this every morning about half an hour before the alarm goes off!!!

I'm shocked to hear they help with the SI joint but i'd be willing to try it IF I could find one that has a nice wide seat (I guess you can figure out why I need a wide seat, eh?) as well as handlebars that don't force you to hunch over.

Me, I'd also love to kyaak again but don't think it'll happen.a

No it's not fun to admit but it's a good hint. I may need it sometime in the future.

Don't you hate it when you have to go to the bathroom while you're asleep and you start DREAMING about finding a bathroom? And the ones you find in your dream are always yuckky and old or else the kind you find in a school.

I'm doing that right now. lol. Cba (can't be a**d) to keep gonig up and down the freakin stairs every two mins just to find out there's nothing there again yet! lmao

LMAO Pet! Now you made me need the "loo" again from laughing so hard!!

Haha! You just read my mind!

Sod that! I got myself a fast car instead and it makes me feel WELL fit! lol. Until I fall out when my legs have gone asleep