Loss of bladder control while sleeping? Bedwetting!

As embarrassing as this is I have to bring it up. I have had a few episodes of bed wetting in the past few weeks...Until yesterday morning I have been being woke from my sleep as it would start. but I woke yesterday seemingly well after the fact.

I do have a bladder sling for stress urinary incontinence...that is a whole other chapter in my story... but I have never wet my bed...until now... and on the occasions that I was awakened I couldn't stop the flow as I waddled to the restroom...

I am just wondering if anyone else has had or is having this issue... Hubby is going to go buy a bed alarm if this keeps up...lol... not really too funny. I am a bit disturbed by this lack of control.

Thanks for the reply... No new meds.. I have a muscle relaxer prescribed but have not taken it in a little while...I only take it when things become unbearable. Not sure about the hormones... I had a partial hysterectomy in 2012 and then had my right ovary removed in 2013 and both were strapped by adhesions...and my bladder and bowels were stuck too... so maybe that could be an issue. The bladder sling has always been a question of all my problems including this Fibro. Time to make another appointment to the Uro. Gyn. and consult with my GP...but just my luck she is on Vacation...LOL

You could possibly have an infection. I have to make sure I don't drink fluids after 7pm. I still have problems of getting to bathroom on time because as soon as the urge hits me I can barely hold it till I get to bathroom. I had a bladder sling also years ago. My best friend has episodes like yours. I have been close to it many times. I don't sleep much when I lay down so as soon as the urge hits I have to run to the bathroom. One time I was headed to the bathroom and got side tracked on the way and as I recalled I had to pee I ran to bathroom as I tinkled on the way. Had to laugh at myself. Better than crying :)

Hi Ibsain,

You are alone with this. I have multiple replies to this, the first being that we have such a problem getting to sleep that by the time we do, we are unable to get awake sometimes, this can be from meds such as for sleep or muscles, or just exhaustion. I wear the Poise panty liners at all times, I also sleep with a pad under me, and even use one when I lay on the couch to watch TV as sometimes I fall asleep there.

I have taken Lyrica for about a decade now, and it makes me hold fluid, and I think there are times when the body needs to release some of this excess fluid and it just 'leaks out' when we are finally able to relax enough to sleep.

It could be an UTI, sometimes this is the only sign we have.

I'm not sure of your age, but it is certainly a factor for me, some women experience this in conjunction with having had children, but I am not sure if this is a factor for you.

Bladder slings I am not familiar with, so hopefully someone else can help you with this.

I have Sjogren's Syndrome, so I always have a dry mouth, I have water with me at all times, so for me to stop drinking at a certain time just is not possible. I have learned it is better to sip than gulp, but I get awake and need to drink and use eye drops several times a night, even if I don't have to go to the bathroom.

I hope that you can find a way to deal with this most embarrassing occurance, for all the help we may be able to give you, surely your Doctor is one you need to talk to about this.

Wishing you well,



I hope all of that made sense/came out right, we just had house guests for 6 days and I'm feeling just about brain dead!

SOOO good seeing you here, SK! Always such a big help!

I had a spate of accidents last spring. In my case, I had a bad reaction to the pollen, so I'd start coughing horribly and then end up wetting myself. I don't suppose that you have any allergies that might be behind this?

My doctor said there are many different reasons to start having accidents, so a specialist is needed in order to figure out what's going on. I would suggest that you take this route. You may have some underlying issue, or then again, you may not. But it's best to get it checked.

I do wish you the best on this. I know how awful and embarrassing it is.



Thanks to all of you.. I am going to make that appointment tomorrow... I spent all day today in bed asleep..I had been doing so good about not needing to sleep so much... and yesterday I washed bed sheets and did some minor cleaning in the kitchen along with going to the chiropractor. Today I was not so well...not so much pain as I felt my stomach was not right... thinking I may have another ulcer... that again is another story...lol... seems I have many issues to be dealt with. Just my luck that each time something comes up one of my Doctors (usually the one I need to see) is on vacation...lol So I am on my own to make an appointment and get myself checked out... along with seeing the Uro. Gyn. I will be seeing my Gastro. Dr. too.

Thank You all for the support and friendship you offer here. I am beginning to feel the impact of this Fibro. on my life. I am beginning to realize the limitations. I am doing everything I can at this moment in time to get myself back to work... reality is that I may not be able to do my job anymore...that is a hard pill for me to swallow... and then all the stuff that keeps going wrong... like this bladder issue... and the stomach... foot pain and things I cannot explain... I am driving an out of control train going down hill faster that I even expected... I have had the best attitude I could have... this Fibro is not going to stop me. Then reality has to bring me down. The stress of getting my time off approved for short term disability and then when I find out it was approved ...lol... it was on the very date that it was to end... adding more stress because I had nothing from my Doctors for me to go back to work...actually my FMLA papers said to CURRENT... to return date has not been determined yet. Dealing with this Sacroilitis... and BUTT FIBRO...lol... this has stopped me in my tracks... and then all the bursitis... so now the stress of making sure I am covered with short term disability... I do not know but they are making me worse with all the worry.

Look I just rambled on... Thank you all so much for letting me feel I am not so alone... even my Husband couldn't understand all of this... I quit telling him about things going on with me. LOL although the bed wetting I couldn't hide.