Since I have only been diagnosed with FM and probable Lupus for a year, I am wondering if you all suffer from chronic headaches?

I have been having a headache 4 or 5 days out of a week. Occasionally they are migraines, but mostly just a regular headache. It's not on any particular part, meaning it goes where ever it wants...

Sometimes the pain is bad enough to warrant a nap and sometimes they are just barely noticeable...

Any thoughts??


I get occipital headaches when the fibro flares in my neck and upper back. It seems to be an extention of that pain. Other headaches that i was getting have gone away since I changed my diet, no gluten, corn, soy or dairy, sugar or processed foods, no caffiene.

Well, Gemm, i find that if I massage my temples with my fingers or thumbs (gently or with a bit of pressure) sometimes it REALLY helps with a headache. Are yours related to stress? Allergies? Teeth grinding? Different causes could use different methods to solve. For instance, the above method helps with stress and even some teeth grinding. A mouth guard would help more with teeth grinding. I'm not sure what type of allergy meds might help with allergy headaches. If yours are non of the above, I'm not sure what else to do except sometimes I do put a little tiny dab of Tiger Balm (sold in drug stores) on the temple or sore area to make it relax. NOT under the nose or near the eyes though or else you'll get a nasty bit of burning sensation.

Hope some of this helps!

PS: If it stems from the neck/shoulders, get one of those laundry balls with the spikes on it (it's plastic and you throw it into the dryer to help dry clothes.) First put some tiger balm on the sore shoulders/neck, then have someone massage the area with the laundry ball. It does help!

Yes I have had a permanent headache for the 7 years I've had fibromyalgia. Migraines are well known too. I have one of those roll ons for the head andback of the neck. They include peppermint and lavender oil too. They're pretty good. I was tired of taking another 8 pills a day and feeling nauseous instead.