Heat and Cold Therapy

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone on here finds that heat or ice therapy benefits them. Personally ice hurts me but I have different types of heat pads that work really well at times. I find that the disposable heat pads work best for me because they last a lot longer and I am not inhibited by wires. Also they are rather inexpensive for the benefit I get from them.


Hi Mike,

Good info there, I didn't even know there was such a thing as disposable heating pads! How long do they last?

Cold hurts me too, although some of the best advice from my DC was 10 minutes of heat followed by 10 minutes of ice, put the timer on! This will even help the worst of pain! Hard to reach place, use a bag of frozen peas!

My BFF bought the kind I nuke and can wrap around my neck or wrists, looks like a puppy dog!

Good topic, thanks!


What does our friend Geranium say? I see you! LOL!

Hi Mike,

I cannot tolerate ice packs/therapy at all BUT I invested in an electric blanket which helps me really a lot for general comfort. I use micro heat pads for my knees, shoulders and feet when they are giving me hellish pain. I also use

Voltaren emulgel cream on those areas of pain from hell but Alas, can't reach to rub it on my back. For my back pain..I lie on an electric heating pad for awhile (knowing full well I shouldn't do it) and that seems to help me enough to get some rest.

I'm going to do your survey...but need a NAP first. :)

They last for between 12 and 24 hours. The weird thing is the colder the air around them the longer they seem to use. The ones I get are around 50p/75c in price and are self ahdesive to skin, although they do not need to be stuck down to work. To activate them I just have to take them out the packet.

Hi geranium its suzyq where do you get the gel ive never heard of it is it over the counter or perscription

Hi Q, It's K,

Voltaren is prescription, My sister-in-law uses it, loves it, I tried it, it helped my back, but sets my leg where I have Sciatica on fire! Strange, I know, so I use OTC Sports Cream, in my opinion it is the very best! Hope that helps!

The absolute best thing I have found is a heated mattress pad. There are several settings to include a preheated bed setting. I have a mattress pad that splits so my husband doesn’t have to roast all night.

I love the large heating pads from the chiropractors office. The moist heat feels wonderful. I typically fall asleep as she uses multiple pads to cover me completely.

Ice is painful to me and I only use it when absolutely necessary. I tend to fall a lot so unfortunately I end up icing sprained ankles often.

Wishing you the best-

The pain mgt doctor gave me a prescription for Voltaren since I have two sprained knees. Now that I see your post, I will try it. Where do you typically apply the cream? I have most of my pain in my shoulders and back.
Wishing you the best!


On my worst flares I find the heating pad along with ultram and advil helpful.