Heel pain

It appears I now have yet another symptom to deal with but am wondering

if anyone else has or is experiencing pain in your heels (bottom of foot ?) This is my third day of barely being able to walk for the first few hours when I get up. My heels hurt so bad that I have to get around on my toes ... then it gradually subsides.

everyday , I cannot walk in my own house without shoes on. . .

I too get this. Some days it's not too bad. Or instead of in my heel, it'll be straight down the middle of my foot. I have to act like a penguin (can't bend my feet so I wobble) at least once a week.

Yes - I had something called plantar faciatis a few years ago. Went to a podiatrist and had a steroid shot in the heel. That was by far the worst pain I’ve ever had - getting the shot in my heel. I know there are other treatments etc so I don’t want you to think that if you have this diagnosis you must get the heel shot.

A few months ago I had such pain all over my feet I couldn’t cover them with a sheet. Doc put me on Meloxicam and I feel much better. I would highly recommend that medication.

I really hope you feel better soon

Hey Girls,

Dr Oz was just talking about this from wearing flip flops, of course it may not be your cause.

Like Mo, I need to wear shoes, good ones, New Balance 926 with a roll bar, and I go where they measure my foot! My son calls them my combat sneakers, but they work for me! LOL!

Hope you get some relief!


I saw that episode too; love his show :)

If I do wear flip flops (which is a lot being in Florida), I wear the new nike ones that have a slight heel and gel cushioning. They are great, very comfortable, and only 20 bucks.

Flip flops will make it horrible to walk- I stopped wearing them and the pain was better. Thanks for pointing this out!

I was told to buy my shoes in one of the ‘comfort’ stores in the mall. The doc said no heels, always have a thick sturdy base on your shoes. I now shop at Nordstrom since they WILL find me a comfortable shoe

I love Nordstroms, used to shop there when I lived in San Mateo and Seattle. I am sure they have all kinds of great shoes, in my heart, I still love the beautiful shoes but it would be a life ender to attempt them, cried when I sent my heels to Good Will!

OBTW, what does this mean? :)

I don't think it's heel spurs or plantar faciatis b/c the pain subsides after 2 to 3 hrs and it only happens when I first get out of bed. I haven't worn flip flops for years as I need shoes with good support for my bad back...alas, that always seems to be a really really good pair of sneakers like SK says. Great for those 'dress up' occasions eh? ha

I'm hoping my heels won't be acting up in the morning when I go do my banking....would look rather odd to see someone (me) tip-toeing into the bank. :) = (smile)

Hello geranium,

Arthritis maybe? That's what mine is, PsA, so of course there is joint damage! I just watched the Phil Micholson video on 'Media' when a pro-golfer can't get out of bed, imagine what it can do to us!! He advertises for Enbrel, started taking it and won the Masters! I was telling JC that I hope it works that well for me, would just like to take the grandkids to play minature golf!

Oh, I know about the dress occassions, I do have a nice pair of black Clarks, but can only wear pants, even then black will only get you so far, especially in summer!

Ah, I just had a LOL moment about you tip-toeing into the bank! Oh, I want to see the video of that! I'm not sure if you live close, but I think we could get into some real trouble together!

Ask Doc to x-ray it, who knows what you may find there! Thanks for the laugh, it even has my Mom laughing! Hope you feel better soon, that it is cured or magically disappears. Speaking of magic, wish the elves would show up and straighten up around here! Have had the grandsons, trying not to 'wipe out' on those little cars all over the place!

I think we are going to be good friends, Geranium!


I adamantly REFUSE to have arthritis on top of all my other ailments...refuse.. I say to you SK. Nope, won't have it but I'm sorry to hear you got hit with it.

I'm a tad afraid of asking Doc to x-ray my heels b/c I've had SO MANY x-rays that I'm pretty sure I glow in the dark..! If you nab any of those magical elves..plz send a couple my way to do some much needed chores for me. I can't muster them on my tippy toes AND if there is a video of me in the bank made...I'll post it for all to LOL.

I complained to Renie about this heel issue and she told me to check on the internet for the exercise to do. Sit on the bed, stretch a towel or something around ball of foot and pull back doing several repetitions. I'm going to try this in the morning and wherever u live...just ignore the screams. They will be coming from an Island on the W. Coast of Canada.

I think you are right...good friends, SK

uh oh..I've heard about that painful steroid shot & glad u reminded me NOT to get it.

I'm going to try the exercises that Renie suggested she found on the net. She says it fixed her hubbys problem so it's worth a 'go'.

Thanks for the well wish's and right back at you Sunflower

OMG! I have been having this pain for months now and just never connected it to my FM. I spend a LOT of time onmy feet because of mt job and on my days off I spend in bed cuz I can hardly walk. Just another thing.

And Kasey, concrete floors are very hard on us, no matter how good the shoe, but please always good shoes!

Tell me Geranium, did you tip toe into the bank? I just have to know!

Stay cool!


Hate to say it but when I had plantar fasciitis it was only bad when I got out of bed each morning. :frowning:

My chiropractor recommended freezing a water bottle and rolling my foot on top of it. Also rolling my foot on a tennis ball to stretch it out.

I AGREE WHOLEHEARTLY: that shot in the foot is the worst thing EVER. I had one in the ball of my foot due to a piece of glass I stepped on; I would have gladly kept that glass forever to avoid that shot !

But you're right; I agree with the Plantar Fasciitis dx.

Is it any better Gayle ?? I hope so !!

Hugs to you and Ms. Sophie !


Isn’t the shot AWFUL, Renie?!?

I hope that things are better Geranium!!


How are the exercises coming along, Geranium, and how are you?

This is another great idea for plantar fasciitis -- anything that will stretch that tendon in your foot will work. Thanks Sunflower for the great idea !!
The worst of it is always in the morning, because during the night, your foot is able tighten back up.
GOOD SNEAKERS are a MUST for everyone ! I'm always barefoot, and I know better--- it reminds me later in the day when my entire body cramps up! I hate sneakers in the summer, I want flip flops! Going to family in Florida, spending all day walking barefoot on tile floors, it's a nightmare. So I have to remember to wear them all the time, as much as I hate it !