Here we go, as promised surfing goats, just for fun

Surfing goats, and other favorites!

That poor goat did NOT look impressed with the waves or surfing!

Now the surfing alpaca, he was actually sitting down and looking utterly mellow. Go, alpacas!

How did I know that you would be the first one to hit this, the ones I sent Mike were actually far better, but there were commercials attached that I do not know how to remove, so you had to settle for the rookie goat! Sorry pet!

Now they know I'm crazy, surfing goats on a fibro site, hey we needed to laugh a little, at least smile!

Alpacas are the best farm animals I think :D. Thanks Mim xxx

Try these too lol:

Talking cats -

Talking cat -

Sleepwalking dog -

Talking Husky -

I love youtube!!

Awww that is so adorable.