Hopefully more smiles for you all

I’m really slow getting to know my way around this site so I hope you will bear with me!! In the meantime, I will leave some new quotes for you all.

1.This special spoon:
this is a special spoon I share
to help you through your day.
It’s filled with love and magic
to use as you may.
So remember when you’re finally just too tired and maybe feeling blue
that you have this special spoon
sent especially for you!

  1. “Fibro Fog” is like a turtle trying to run in peanut butter!

  2. “We battle Fibro, what’s their superpower?”

  3. I might sleep on the couch to cut down on my morning commute!

  4. At the store, there was a big X by the register for me to stand on. I’ve seen too many Road Runner cartoons to fall for that one!

Wishing everyone a good night.

Thank you for the smile! I so needed one tonight.

I can especially relate to #4. I have a chair beside my bed - before I go to bed, I put my phone, laptop, a drink and anything else I think I might need. Then in the morning, I have everything right there. I don’t have a couch, so my bed is where I crash when things are too rough.

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Cheers to #3!!!
Thank you, Gramybear :blush:

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You are so very welcome!!