How important is what we eat and drink?

I eat really healthy. No fast food, organic fruits and vegetables. Almond milk. Mostly gluten free, my wife is gluten intolerant.

The only think I could eliminate is sugar, I have a couple of special dark chocolates with almonds at night. I could eliminate caffeine I have 3 Americanos (espresso and water)a day, one in the morning, one during the day and one in the evening. I could eliminate half and half in my Americanos. I could also eliminate meat there are a couple of really good documentaries that make a good case for why we shouldn't eat meat. Food Inc, Knife Over Fork, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, these are all available on Netflix. I felt my best when I was a vegetarian for maybe 3-4 months.

What do you think? Any thoughts or advice?


I think it is great if you can do it properly. Making sure you get enough protein is very important, so it is best to have a Doctor, dietian, or heath food guru at your disposal.

I did it for a year, the basic weeds and seeds thing, not sure I did it correctly, I got really weak, my Chiropractor told me that we are red meat and we need red meat, just not grain fed red meat. So we tried the grass fed, I really think you have to be raised on it to enjoy it.

I try to eat healthily, I believe in radiant foods, but not the best at eliminating food groups. Of all the people on here that I have talked to about diet, I think allergic wins the prize as far as being able to stick to a certain diet, giving up meat, gluten, sugar, fruit... She goes through various cleansing processes to rid her body of toxins, yeast, heavy metals. I bow to you girlfriend, and anyone else who can stick to it!

One can only try their best. It's challenging to try and work around the food industry in this country. They all have agendas and our health is not part of their agenda.

I'm always tempted to go vegetarian but I'd have to be under some guidance at first. You can get into trouble with nutrient deficiencies if you don't do it right. It would sure beat eating corn fed animals and animals that have cancerous tumors in them when they are slaughtered. They just cut the tumor out and package the meat and then it's in your store. Yuk.

I just know that your digestion is core to everything else. If it's not working right, the rest of you just falls apart little by little.

Unfortunately, the majority of docs treat everything with drugs or surgery, when there are other natural ways. That's why I hunt down the MD's who are holistic practitioners. Best of both worlds.

I'm happy to see that the awareness level in this country is being raised up a bit. Maybe it's because so many people are getting sick as a dog, and are searching out the truth. It's the old survival instinct. I guess we have to be half dead first before we desperately start trying to figure it all out.

SK, did you watch "King Corn" documentary? I mentioned it to Ablood when I commented on Dee's discussion.

Not sure about the 'King Corn'. I have seen the docu's about the genetically engineered crop seeds, is that it? Scares you to death, more 'dead food'' that screws us up right down to our DNA! Don't be fooled by their warm, fuzzy commercials about American Farm Families! Even starving countries turn this away as a gift!

I'll have to have a look, see if this is it.

Maybe that's the one. It was two young guys who went to the midwest to gown corn on one acre and their story of what they learned of the corn industry.

I saw it first hand when I spent a summer in the midwest amongst all the farmers. None of them would ever eat their own crops first of all. Then I saw all the pesticides and other weed killers that they sprayed on the crops. The seed itself was altered, not good at all for human consumption. There were a handful of organic farmers who opposed the others and they had harder time making money but they were dedicated and they ate their own crops! The government, of course, is involved in the subsidy of the bad stuff.

Book I'm reading now says that aspartame could contribute to fibromyalgia. Doesn't sound like that's your problem, but it's good to know. I checked and the yogurt I used to eat has aspartame in it, and my gum does.

Yes, I've read about the sweetners too. There are so many unnatural ingredients in our foods today that reak havoc on our bodies. Which book are you reading Liz?

Hi ,

I find with my low carb diet works for me. I eat no rice, pasta, potatoes etc and low fat too. But I do eat plenty of fruit. Those carbs are good. But not masses of it. I cut out processed foods too and eat proper steaks, chickenbreasts etc and fish in bread crumbs (only fishy thing I can tolerate haha). I have decaf tea and coffee too. I have no problem with meat and I'm pretty sure its ok. But we're all different. It makes me feel a lot healthier though.

Thats six days a week anyway, most weeks. Saturdays are my naughty day when I eat whatever the heck want. I really pig out. It gives me he worst carbohydrate hangover ever though! I'm a girl. I still need my chocolate!!


I watch what I eat but not to the extent of cutting out this and that. I like some fatty foods, I like some sugary foods. I don't indulge in Fast Food ALOT only taco bell because its; literally a 3 min walk from my door. I drink soda once in a blue moon, I eat junk food when I am craving sugar. I don't eat a lot of red meats often and I eat fruit like one drinks water. I think it's important to eat healthy. I refuse to make eating a chore or something I have to log in a book. I did that before and it became so much of a routine that I couldn't eat EVERYWHERE. I simply watch what I eat and that's good enough for me.

Healing Fibromyalgia by David H. Trock, MD

I'm usually skeptical about a book that claims you can "heal" anything, but the library had the e-book available, so I decided to give it a try.

Thanks, I know the word heal gets a bad rap these days. Because there are so many scams out there! It's a shame.

I suppose "heal" is better than "cure" though. At least it doesn't say "easy" or "simple."