Humor.... A very important tool in the right against chronic disease

Jeanne Robertson is a speaker who believes that humor is an essential part of everyone’s daily “diet”. She speaks about finding humor in all the situations she is exposed to every day. And she says that humor is not the same as being funny. I had the privilege of seeing her speak earlier this year and I just wanted to encourage you to take a look at her website and watch the clips she has posted there. She also has some on YouTube. If you really like her, she has wonderful CDs and DVDs. Just wanted to pass this gem along.

Thanks MB, that gal can really tell a story! There is more than one 'Lucy and Ethel' on here, believe me! I needed a chuckle!

Yeppers, she is pretty good. I have a couple of her CDs for in the car. And she is very tall- I am 5’10" and felt short next to her!

MB, I had never heard of her and Ill never forget her now. I truely believe laughter is the best medicine.... Thanks

P.S Can you send me some new jokes please lol??? Gentle hugs , Robin

Sure will, check out the jokes group!